Dr. Yuncong Li, Professor in University of Florida gave seminar in our institute

Release Time:2010-09-02 Big Small


On 13 August, Dr Yuncong Li, a professor from University of Florida, invited by the director of our institute Xingguo Han, gave a seminar entitled as The Role of Phosphorus in South Florida Agricultural and Natural Ecosystems in our institute.

The group led by Dr. Li has been working on quality of water resources, soil-nutrient cycling and so on in natural and agricultural ecosystems in Everglades National Park, Florida. Dr Li systematically introduced their work on monitoring of local water quality, agriculture-development resulted soil- nutrient leaching, comparisons between optimized agriculture and traditional agriculture in their environmental impact and economic benefit and biological means in management of eutrophic lakes. Dr Li also talked about their ways to do the research work in responding to the local needs and ways to popularize their achievements to the local agricultural practices.

Dr Li will com again in December to give lectures on soil sciences (pedology).