The director of Japanese National Institute for Environmental Studies Ohgaki Visited our institute

Release Time:2012-01-09 Big Small

On 12-19 2011, the director of National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japan) Ohgaki and other 5 members of the institute visited our institute. Xingguo Han, the director of our institute, Lanzhu Ji, the party secretary,. Yong Jiang, director of Science and Technology Department, Zhiwen Yuan,the director of Personnel Department and Prof. Yong Geng, the leader of the research group of Circular Economy and Industrial Ecology warmly received the delegation and held friendly talks with them.

On the meeting the director Han reviewed the advancement of the cooperation between the 2 institutes, introduced research conditions, key fields of research and advancement. Dr. Ohgaki introduced features and advantages of the National Institute for Environmental Studies. Prof. Tsuyoshi Fujutaand Prof. Yong Geng introduced the advancement in the cooperative items and further programs. The 2 sides agree want to deepen the cooperation. After the talk, Prof. Han and Prof.  OHGAKI signed agreement for comprehensive cooperation between the two sides.

The guests, companioned by Director Han and Party secretary Ji, visited Northeast-China Herbarium.

National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japan) is the state top institute for environment research in Japan. global changes, material cycling and garbage management, environment risk assessment, regional environment studies, environmental biology and ecosystems, environment health, society and environment system and soon, all were carried out in the institute.

Since the cooperation agreement signed in 2009, the 2 sides have developed efficient cooperation in the research in ecological city construction, sustainable municipal development, application of cycling technology and simulation of garbage disposal system, including exchanging visitors and jointly publishing papers.