Scintific Exchange

Release Time:2013-06-09 Big Small

nvited by the directorour of the State Key Laboretory of Forest and Soil Ecology, Prof Xingguo Han, Prof Lin Jiang from Georgia Tech, USA, Prof Shiqiang Wan from Henan Univercity, Prof Shucun Sun from Nanjing Univercity Gave lectures in our institute on 29 May.

A seminar was hosted by Prof Han. Prof Shiqing Wan gave an report entitled as “Research on Temperate- grassland responses to the climate changes by controlled experiment. He elaborated the effects of increase in CO2 concentration and temperature on carbon cycling of Temperate- grassland ecosystem, showing results from the multifactors experiment he led on the climate change, introduced the new advancement and discoveris got in his research group, such as the effects of furtilization, wind erosion and littters on Temperate grassland.

Prof Lin Jiang from Georgia Tech, USA gave a seminar entitled as“The value of considering species phylogeny in community ecology: experimental evidence from laboratory microcosms”. He promoted that the hypotheses in ecology are combined with actural data, Using experiment as a mean to test the classic theories in ecology. His views had warm responses and leading to discussions. in the audients.

Then,Prof Shucun Sun reported “Ecosystem function of nutritional and in-nutritional relations in Alpine meadow”. He detailedly stated how to use comparative ecology on the functional features of plant population in the research of mechanisms in  biodiversity sustainability, functions of ecosystems and restoration ecology. He also talked about plant allometry and its use in community ecology and ecosystem ecology.

After the seminar, the 3 visitors were invited by Prof Yong Jiang in the Soil Chemistry Group, exchanged idears with related young scientists and graduated students in his group.