Scientists from University of Tennessee and Oak ridge National Laboratory, USA visited Shenyang Ecological experimental Station

Release Time:2013-07-11 Big Small

Professor Mark Radosevich, Jie Zhuang and associate professor Sean Schaeffer from University of Tennessee, Scientist Melanie Mayes from Oak Ridge National Laboratory,USA and Professor Jingkuan Wang, Yanli Yi from College of Recources and Environment, Agricultural Univercity of Shenyang, visited Shenyang Ecological experimental Station on 28 of June, 2013. Professor Xudong Zhang, the head of the station introduced the work of ecological network monitoring, sampling site study in detail.  They visited the facilities related to Soil-plant system CO2 monitoring, isotope discrimination experiment related to nitrogen transformation from different resources, field-scaled sample plot for plant rhizosphere priming effect and facilities for study in green-house gas releases. The visitors highly evaluated the advanced design of the station and the scienctific achivements done in the station. After the visiting, they had a discussion and achieved a common view on further academic exchange and the future.