US Professors came to IAE young Scientist Salon

Release Time:2015-11-23 Big Small

On erly July, Youth Innovation Promotig group of out institute invited Prof Timothy Filley from Purdue University, Prof Alan Knapp and Prof Melinda Smith from Colorado State University to give seminars.

Prof Alan Knapp is a world-wide famous scientist in research on grasslad ecology and global change ecology. He Published 170 papers in Nature, Science, Ecological letters...He is also a senior editor of Functional Ecology. Prof Melina Smith is a young and active scientist in front of research in global extream climate ecology and the impact of global change and anthropogenic disturbance on ecosystem. She published some 110 papers in Nature, Science, Ecology Letters. The papers were cited over 6000 times with a H index 35. She is an editor of Oecologia.  Prof Timothy Filley got his doctor degree in Pensylvania State University and now is a professor in Climate Change Research Center, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Purdue University. Prof Timothy Filley has published 60 papers in Science, PNAS, EST and GCB... 

On 1 July, Prof Timothy Filley gave seminar entitled as Temperature and Species Effects On The Reactivity Of Black Carbon In A Forest Soil. He explained the effect of Pyrogenic Organic Matter in regulating soil carbon cycling, the plant source of pyrogenic organic matter and the effect of temperature to the activity of such carbon. He also introduced the organization of World Key Zone Alliance and the coming Sino-US workshop in October.

On 2July, Prof Alan Kanpp and Prof Melinda Smith gave seminars entitled as Assessing Grassland Sensitivity To Drought In The Central United States and Resistance Of A Grassland Ecosystem To Multiple Drought Events, respectively. Prof Kanpp introduced their joint research in drought of grassland in Kansas, Colorado and New Maxico and fined that extream drought significantly reduced grassland productivity, the drought resistance of tall grass steppe ecosystem is very weak, but it recovers quickly after drought is over. Finaly, Prof Smith introduced international Drought Net to the audience. The seminar weidened the visual field of the young workers and deepened their understanding to the ecological effect induced by extream clinate event.