Sino-US 2016 Joint Workshop Environmental Bioremediation Held

Release Time:2016-04-05 Big Small

On 21-22 March, the workshop was held in Shenyang. It was co-sponsored by IAE and Key Lab of Pollution Ecology and Environmental Engineering CAS,co-organized by Shenyang  Agricultural University, Department of Environmental Protection of Liaoning Province. The concerned topics included sustainable environmental biotechnology, contaminant biological fate, waste biological treatment, and watershed management. About one hundred researchers from 20 institutions, including University of Tennessee, Tennessee Department of Environment and  Conservation, University of Memphis, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Liaoning University, etc.attended this workshop.

The opening ceremony was conducted by Prof. Jie Zhuang, the director of Key Lab of Pollution Ecology and Environmental Engineering CAS. Prof. Lanzhu Ji, the director of IAE expressed  welcome to the participants and highly evaluated the significance of the joint workshop. He said IAE has a long history of collaborating with the University of Tennessee in the areas of environmental science and ecology, this workshop will present new research results and exchange new perspectives for environmental remediation and watershed restoration. Distinguished professor of the University of Tennessee,Dr. Gary Sayler, vice-director of Liaoning Environment Protection, Demin Li and vice –President of Shenyang Agricultural University, Tieliang Wang gave opening remarks. After the opening ceremony, the specialists reported their work on sustainable environmental biotechnology, bioremediation of polluted environment, waste water biological treatment, etc.

Through the workshop, the participants exchanged ideas in theory, technology and policy of environmental bioremediation. Furthermore, it provided an opportunity to build up a platform for forward-looking scientific and engineering researches on environmental biotechnology.