Dr FAN Yuanchao from University of Goettingen Visited IAE

Release Time:2016-07-13 Big Small

On 27 June, invited by Landscape Ecology and Regional Planning Center and Disturbance Ecology Research Group, Dr FAN Yuanchao from Bio-Climate Department, University of Goettingen visited IAE and gave seminar entitled as Modeling Oil Palm Monoculture and Is Associated Impacts on Land-atmosphere Carbon, Water and Energy fluxes in Indonesia.   In southeast Asia, Oil palm cultivation by cutting forest has caused vast destruction of rainforest and peat-land, resulted to the net release of green- house gases. This has attracted wide attention. So the research on the long-term effect of transformation of rain forest to oil palm plantation on regional Carbon cycling is important to analyze the impact of changes in land use to climatic changes.

Dr FAN Yuanchao integrated a series parameters in bio-geophysics and geochemistry, developed CLM-Palm model and simulated the process of growth of oil palm plantation, validated  the  model by the data from sampling plots. The results show that, compared with old rain forest, the young and mature oil palm plantation fix only a half amount of Carbon and a half of the net primary production of the plantation will be output as palm oil and then turned to CO2 Soon. The soil Carbon pool gradually reduced since there is no litter input. To sum up, the transformation of rain forest to oil palm plantation will result in the increase in climatic air temperature.