Prof ZHENG Xunhua from Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS and Prof Feike Dijkstra from University of Sydney, Australia

Release Time:2016-07-20 Big Small

Invited by Key Lab of Forest Ecology and Forest Management, CAS, Research group of Stable Isotope Ecology and Research Group of Underground Ecological Process, the two professors visited IAE on 12 July, 2016, and gave seminar, respectively, entitled as Development of an Approach for Exploring the Best Management Strategy (BMS) of Carbon and Nitrogen at Catchment/Regional Scales and Plant and Microbial responses to Fire and Drought in Australia.

Prof ZHENG Xunhua started from the search for optimized strategy of Carbon/Nitrogen management, introduced method for screening optimized multi-purpose agricultural management scheme based on simulation of Carbon/Nitrogen biochemistry process, showed the test results of the scheme in plain agricultural ecosystem. Finally, He introduced the development and perspective in the work in 3D model. Prof Feike Dijkstra reported his work in the effect of forest fire on the cycling of Carbon and Nitrogen, the effect of drought on grassland plants and mycorhiza, the effect of Phosphorus availability to soil microbial activities and the essential effect of Nitrogen and Carbon on rhizosphere ecology.

The seminar was conducted by Prof FANG Yunting and Prof CHENG Weixin in IAE. Research workers and graduate students, about 30 persons, attended the seminar.