Doctoral student Nannan Jiang visited IAE

Release Time:2016-08-17 Big Small

Invited by Prof SONG Yufang and Prof YAN Jun in Polluted Environment Microbial Ecology Research group, a doctoral student Nannan Jiang from University of Tennessee visited IAE. The visit was supported by East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Program with China For U.S. Graduate Students in Science and Engineering (EAPSI. He will say here from 18 June- 5 August, 2016 for summer Science exchange.

On 21 June, he gave a seminar entitled as Discovering Microbial Potential to Remediate Groundwater Contamination. Major content and results were reported. He introduced also the research work and daily life in Tennessee Univ. The seminar was conducted by Prof YAN Jun. Prof SONG Yufang, ZHANG Huiwen, HE Hongbo and about 30 others presented.

In the period of visitation, Nannan Jiang will join the research work for Mechnisms of Biologic Remediation of Organic Chlorine Pollutants in Underground Water Environment that chaired by Prof YAN Jun.