Ecologist Prof E. Keane and Russell A. Parsons Visited IAE

Release Time:2016-08-17 Big Small

On 20-29 July  , invited by Research Group of Landscape Process in IAElandscape and disturbance ecologist, Prof Robert E. Keane and Prof Russell A. Parsons from Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory, USDA visited IAE. During the visit, Prof Robert E. Keane and Russell A. Parsons gave seminars respectively entitlred as Exploring Complex Interactions among Multiple Disturbance Agents in Forest Landscapes: Simulating Effects of Fire, Beetles, and Disease under Climate Change”and 3D Fuel and Fire Modeling: New Capabilities for Fire and Ecosystem Science. The seminar was conducted by Prof WU Zhiwei. Twenty persons from Landscape Process Research Group, Disturbance Research Group and Landscape Ecology Research Group presented. Then, the two professors gave Training courses respectively in Model designing principles for fire disturbance and spatial visualization and processing technology of combustible material structure.

Prof WU Zhiwei introduced the development, subject and achievement in fire disturbance research work in IAE. to the guests and exchanged ideas about research cooperation and student exchange. As a main responsible officer in Association for Fire Ecology, Prof Robert E. Keane proposed that the next (8th) International Conference and suggested Prof WU Zhiwei as China’s coordinator and contact person. The subject, scope and place for the meeting were discussed.

In the field excursion, Prof Robert E.Keane introduced sample plot construction in US, made detailed suggestions to the construction of permanent sample plot for fire ecology in China. He also suggested IAE develop the research work on grassland fire ecology and shared their experience in the sample plot construction for grassland fire ecology.