Visitors from Wageningen University Netherland and Guasitynxi University

Release Time:2016-09-06 Big Small

On 20-22 2016, invited by Prof HAO Guangyou of Plant Physiological Ecology Research Group, Prof CAO Kunfang from Forestry College, Guangxi University, Prof Frans Bongers. Associate Prof Frank Sterck and a graduate student ZHANG Lan from Wagningen University Netherland visited IAE. Prof CAO got her doctor degree from Wagningen University and had a long term cooperation with the tow visitors from Netherland for scientific research and student training. The guests visited Changbai Mountain Forest Ecosystem Research Station, especially the crown canopy sample plot equipped with tower crane and the big-25 hectare Korean Pine Forest Plot. The 3 specialists gave seminars in IAE. Prof HAO Zhanqing introduced the work on biodiversity monitor and research. The visitors had discussions with the members of the Plant Physiological Ecology Research Group and gave valuable suggestions to the current work.

The visitors had discussions with Prof WANG Zhian and Prof WANG Xugao for the future cooperation in the physiological and ecological work using the tower crane that can reach the canopy crown and the long-term biodiversity monitoring plot. The visitors also discussed the feasibility in graduate student join training with Prof HAO Guangyou.