Prof Kari Steffen from Univ Helsinki Finland Visited IAE CAS

Release Time:2016-10-18 Big Small

Invited by Research Center of Bio-resources & Bio-technology and Research Group of Bio-Diversity in IAE, Associate Prof Kari Steffen from Department of Environmental Science,  Univ of Helsinki ,Finland visited IAE CAS on 27 September 2016. He gave a seminar entitled as Fungal Soil Bioremediation, introduced his work and results in microbial degradation of soil pollutants. Prof ZHANG Ying, Prof YUAN Haisheng, Associate Prof WEI Yulian and related graduate students in IAE attended the seminar and the discussions after his report.

Prof Kari Steffen has been working on forest fallen log, forest litter, microbial degradation of soil pollutants, metabolism of lignin and carbohydrates and enzymes. He and his group had some special methods and conclusions in the above mentioned fields.