Dr Gomez from Mcgil University Canada Visited IAE

Release Time:2016-12-08 Big Small

On 18 November 2016, the Key Lab of Pollution Ecology and Environment Engineering held a lecture: Infrared and Laman. Dr Gomez was invited to give a lecture entitled as Simple Overview of Vibrational Spectroscopy (Infrared and Laman).

Dr Gomez’s field is handling and environmental stability assessment of tailings and residues formed in the process of Industrial metallurgy and material production. He was awarded by Canadian Institute of Mining(CIM), Metallurgy and Petroleum travel conference award. More than 10 papers were published in high level international periodicals dealing with Chemical industry.

In his lecture, Dr Gomez detailed electromagnetic radiation, molecular polarization and interactions between molecular and electromagnetic radiation, introduced principal, application, sample preparation and structure analysis in infrared and Laman vibrational spectroscopy. Some compounds were taken as examples to illustrate how to use infrared and Laman spectroscopy in structure analysis of matters.

About 20 research workers and graduated students presented in the lecture and they exchanged ideas with Dr Gomez on the interested subjects.