Presentations of IAE Scientists to 7th International Nitrogen Conference in Melbourne

Release Time:2016-12-26 Big Small

On 4-8 December 2016, 7th International Nitrogen Conference was held in in Melboune Australia. It is a conference on nitrogen cycling and its impact on ecological environment, held once 3 years. The theme of the current conference was Solutions to Improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency for the World, aiming to reduce the impact of food production and processing on environment, increase nitrogen use efficiency while guaranteeing food supply to the world. The participants came from many fields, including agriculture, forestry, environment protection, policy consultation and fertilizer production. 

Associate Professor LU Caiyan in the research group of agricultural ecological engineering, Dr QUAN Zhi and Dr ZHU Feifei and Dr LI Shanlong in research group of stable isotope ecology of IAE presented at the conference. Dr ZHU Feifei gave an oral report entitled as Pervasive Control of Soil pH on N2O and N2 Emissions from Upland Agricultural Soils across China. N2O and N2 Emission rates, microbial routs and controlling factors on corn fields in Northeast black soil region, Middle actic soil region, South red earth region were covered. Dr QUAN Zhi showed his poster entitled as Fate of 15N Urea in Black Soil-Maize System and Their Response to Straw Incorporation in Northeast China: a Case Study, discussing the transformation routs of 15N labeled urea on corn field during a growing season in Northeast China, 15N distribution in the corn-soil system was quantified, N use efficiency was calculated and suggestions to increase the efficiency was put forward.