Prof Craig E. Martin from University of Kansas visited IAE

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On 22-28 December 2016, invited by CAS key lab of Forest Ecology and Management and IAE research group of Natural Forest, Prof Craig E. Martin visited IAE. He gave a seminar entitled as Plant Functional Traits: an Eco-physiological Perspective on 27 December when he introduced the roles of plant traits, current indexes of functional traits and how to understand the functions of various traits from the point of view of physiology.  He introduced the adaptive strategies of plant to environment stresses such as drought, light and nutritional conditions based on functional traits. Prof HAO Zhanqing, Prof LIU Zhimin, Prof WANG Xugao , Prof WANG Zhengwen and graduated students attended the seminar. Prof HAO Zhanqing introduced research work on Changbai Mountain by the research group of Natural Forest Ecology to Prof Martin and exchanged ideas about the significance of long-term research on the permanent plot on Changbai Mountain.

Prof C.E. Martin got his doctor degree of botany from Duke University and published around 100 papers in the field of plant eco-physiology, stressed on the physiological and morphological adaptations of desert plant and tropical epiphyte to environment stresses. He did his research and gave seminars in Germany, South-Africa, Singapore, Costa-Rica and Taiwan.