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The Institute of Applied Ecology,Chinese Academy of Sciences (IAE, CAS) is located in Shenyang, northeast China. This Institute was established in 1954, and is now a multidisciplinary research Institute focusing on forestry, agricultural, biological and environmental sciences. The Institute has over 400 research staff, about 350 graduate students, and excellent lab facilities and national field stations. The Institute invites overseas scholars to apply for the several Talents Program positions in the following research fields:

1. Forest ecology and forestry eco-engineering

2. Soil ecology and agricultural eco-engineering

3. Pollution ecology and environmental engineering

4. Landscape ecology and regional planning

5. Biological resources and biotechnology

Qualified candidates should hold overseas Ph.D. degrees in related fields, and have studying or working experience continuously in overseas research institutions or universities. The candidates with excellent records of research and publications are encouraged to apply. The candidates should have academic positions in a university or research institution. Supported by “CAS Pioneer Hundred Talents Program” or “The Thousand Talents Plan”, the successful candidates will be offered a start research grant. Lab, office and team support will be provided by IAE,CAS.
For further information, please contact :

Mr. Hanfeng Ye

Personnel Department

Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

72 Wenhua Road, Shenyang 110016, China

Phone: 86-24-83970318




The introduction of overseas talent related policies

Item category

Acceptance Requirements

Ways of funding



Thousands of Talents Plan

Long term project

overseas Ph.D.

no older than 55 years old

overseas professorship

full-time work in the country for no less than 3 years after introduction

1 million RMB

3 million RMB

Short term project

overseas Ph.D.

no older than 55 years old

overseas professorship

at least 2 months work every year in China after introduction

half a million RMB


Youth project


no older than 40 years old

a minimum of 3-year overseas working experience

a formal academic position

not less than 3 years full-time work in China after introduction

1.5-3.5 million RMB

2 million RMB

CAS Pioneer Hundred Talents Program

Class A

revolve around national major projects and pilot projects setting

overseas professorship


8 million RMB

Class B

※ 3-year working experience of overseas engineering research


1.6-2.6 million RMB

Class C


a minimum of 3-year overseas studying or working experience

Ph.D. awarded no more than five years


3.4 million RMB