Professor Joshua Schimel Invited to Our Institute for Academic Exchange

Release Time:2015-12-07 Big Small

Invited by Prof Xudong Zhang and Prof Chao Liang, Dr Invited by Prof Xudong Zhang and Prof Chao Liang, Dr Joshua Schimel, professor in Department of Ecological Eevolution and Ocean Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara, the Chairman of Soil and Environment Committee, US National Science Foundation, editor of Soil Biology & Biochemistry visited our institute on 25-30 October, 2015.

On 25-27, Dr Scimel attended International Symposium on Frontiers in Soil Microbiology 2015: FISM’15 and gave seminar entitled as Life in Dry Soil: The Cross-Section of Biology, Physics and Chemistry in Beijing and then came to Shenyang.On 28-30 October, Prof Schimel made discussions with young scientists in our institute on the topic of Biochemistry of Drought and gave a seminar entitled as How to Write Papers That Get Cited. The seminar provided nice guides to the young scientists. The meeting room was packed. After the seminar, Dr Schimel visited the National Key Lab of Forest and Soil Science and had discussions with the workers in the lab. Dr Schimel has been engaged in research on terrestrial ecosystem ecology and microbial ecology. He has published 118 papers that were cited 10200 times. Averaged citation for a single paper was 87 times.Hindex is 53. Recently, He published a monograph: Writing Science: How to write Papers That Get Cited and Proposals That Get Funded.