The National Science and Technology Support Issue In 12th Five-year Plan --Research And Demengstration Of Technology In Resource Reservation And Multi-Aimed- Management For Changbai-Mountain Forest

Release Time:2015-12-07 Big Small

On 9-12 October, 2015, The meeting was held in Dandong City. Prof Shirong Liu from Chinese Academy Of Forestry, Prof Gang Wu from Ecological And Environmental Research Center(EERC),CAS, Prof Fengri Li and Prof Huiyan Gu from Northeast Forestry University were invited as consultive specialists. The director of Liaoning Forest Management Institue  Xuesong Wang and the director of IAE,Prof Lanzhu Ji and the vice director of Science and Technology Department of IAE Junchen Zhuo presented. More than 60 persons from 7 participating Institutions: EERC CAS, Liaoning Forestry Academy, Jilin Forestry Academy, Liaoning Forest Management Institute, Shenyang Agricultural University, Changbai Mountain Academy attended the meeting.

The meeting was conducted by the project leader , Prof Limin Dai. Xuesong Wang , the directorof Liaoning Forest Management Institute, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Forest Science Shirong Liu and Prof Lanzhu Ji of IAEgave speech,respectiv ely.