IAE CAS will host the 17th World Fertilizer Congress

Release Time:2015-12-14 Big Small

On 5-15 November 2015, the director of our institute Lanzhu Ji, companiened by Fertilizer Specialist Prof Yuanliang Shi and Dr Jie Li, visited institutions and universities in Germany. They payed a special visit toThe International Scientific Centre of Fertilizers and met with the chairman of the center Prof Ewald Schnug. After handing in the proposal and discussion, it was decided that IAE CAS will host the 17th World Fertilizer Congress. The congress will be held on 2-7 September 2018 in Shenyang. This will be the second time that our institute hosts the congress. This will be conducive to Chinese scientists in understanding the development and new trend in fertilizer science research in the world, exchanging advanced experiences in fertilizer production and application, introducing the achievements of China in fertilizer research, production and application so as to speed up the development of environment-friendly, energy-saving and high efficiency fertilizers in China, improve human life’s environment and life quality, encourage the healthy and high-speed development of fertilizer industry.

 In the negotiation, IAE CAS and Shenyang Zhongke New Fertilizer Cooperation Limited proposed to CIEC-(Centre International des Engrais Chimiques) to found an Asian- version Congress of the World Fertilizer Congress and the chairman and vice chairman of CIEC agreed. The Opening ceremony and first meeting will be held in August 2016 in China.

The group also visited two big chemical enterprises: Euro-Chem and BASF, made academic exchanges with the scientists there in the field of technology in inhibiter production and new fertilizer processing, discussed the problems and possible solutions in fertilizer development. The two sides expressed good intention in cooperative development of fertilizer product.


Prof Ji , Shi and Dr Li also made exchanges with Germany’s Federal Institute of Cultivated Plants, Institute of Crop and Soil, University of Göttingen and University of Bonn and reached an agreement with Institute of Crop and Soil that the two sides will  jointly support outstanding young research workers coming to Germany for Doctor degree, Post-doctor research or as visiting scholar.