IAE Worker’s Congress 2016 Held

Release Time:2016-03-23 Big Small

On 18 March 2016, the congress was held in the institute, 180 workers attended. The congress was conducted by the office director HU ZhibinThe director of the institute JI Lanzhu gave a report entitled as Thoughts for the Development of IAE in the Coming 5 Years. He talked about his understanding to the missions of an institute director. Then he, on behalf of the new leadership ranks, presented the goals set for the term: Led by CAS’ Three Directions to Face, Four firsts and Innovation 2020 development plantaking Ecological Civilization Construction as the theme, the new leadership ranks will strive for National Special Tasks and National Natural Science Foundations, integrate the dominant resources as a feature institute, Concentrate the research force to tackle key problems. The science and technology innovation work will developed grounding on ecological safety of Northeast China and modern agricultural transformation of major grain producing areas, leading the institute to becoming an important national strategic power in the sustainable development of Northeast China. Then, the director JI introduced goals and measures in strategic deployment of the institute, team construction, research tasks and output, research platform and basic ability construction, research cooperation and industrialization ,party construction and new culture construction, combat corruption and build a clean administration, reformation and innovation. He also put forward measures such as integrating organizationtalent, found to guarantee the realization of the goals. Finally, he arranged the key points in the work in 2016.  

The vice director, vice party secretary GUO Xiuyin gave report entitled as Strive for Development Dutifully and Responsibly, Keep Clean and Honest. He also deployed the work in discipline supervision. 

In the afternoon, the worker representatives discussed the goals for the new leadership ranks in 3 groups. Then the group leaders ported the resulted suggestions to the institute leader ranks. Director JI summarized the suggestions and call the workers work hard to contribute to the future development of the institute. 

At the end, the Party secretary, vice director and labor onion chairman of the institute JIN Changjie conducted the last session of the worker’s congress, put the term target to vote. The worker representatives all voted Yes.