The President, Prof Ewald Schnug and the Secretary, Prof Silvia Hankeklaus of International Fertilizer Science Center visited IAE and Gave Semanar

Release Time:2017-05-24 Big Small

On 8 May, 2017, Prof Ewald Schnug and Prof Silvia Haneklaus,invited by National Engineering Laboratory of Soil Nutrient Management, Shenyang Zhongke New Fertilizer Cooperation Limited and Liaoning Soil Science Association, visited IAE and gave seminar. The seminar was conducted by the vice director of IAE, Prof FANG Yunting.

Prof Schnug’s seminar was entitled as Beauty of Hanger. He called attention to the deficiency of Sulfur as an important plant nutrient element. The symptoms of sulfur deficiency are similar to Nitrogen deficiency. So the problems could not be resolved by applying Nitrogen fertilizer. Prof Schnug took marigold, chamomile, mustard and rape as example, described the effect of sulfur deficiency on form, length of petals and flower fragrance, proposed rational measures of sulfur Supplement.

Prof Haneclaus introduced the development process of precision agriculture, taking Germany as an example, showed agricultural GPS facilities in 1980-1990 and panoramic real-time monitoring system nowadays. He also introduced precision fertilization, predicted the precision agriculture in the future.