Research in Plant Propagation Strategy of Kerqin Sandy Land Got 2016 Liaoning Provincial Third Prize of Natural Science.

Release Time:2017-06-19 Big Small

Since 2002, the group led by Prof LIU Zhimin has been working on the sexual and asexual propagation strategy of plants in the typical semiarid Kerqin Sandy Land. Thy found that 1) Sandy plants have various adaptation mechanisms to the windy and sandy activities, including propagation phenology, seed production, seed morphology, seed germination, seed bank on crown, mucus propagule, soil seed bank and asexual propagation; 2)  The propagation strategy and together with the physical feedback of habitat give psammophytes the adaptation to wind erosion; 3) The different parts of sand dune have different type and strength of win-sand activities and give the plants traits to adapt the local environment; 4) The propagation strategy  is closely associated with life form. Annual plant, perennial herb, sub-shrub and shrub have differentiated adaptations to the sad-wind activities. The research enriched theories in the plant adaptations to  sandy environment.