The Inspection Team Inspected Long-term Experiment Plots of Larch Plantation in Qingyuan Research Station

Release Time:2017-06-19 Big Small

On May 19-20, 2017, the Structural and Environmental Effects of Plantation Productivity Formation project inspection team, led by Prof. XIAO Wenfa, the vice director of Chinese Academy of Forest Science and accompanied by Prof. ZHU Jiaojun, the vice director of IAE and Prof. YAN Qiaoling, the 6th subject leader. Together, they inspected the long-term experiment plots of larch plantation in Qingyuan Research Station. Scientists from IAE, Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing Normal University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other Institutions were all an integral part of the inspection team.

The team inspected the long-term plots for thinning, forest gap processes and paired plots. The inspection team discussed the significance and extent of plot set up in the inspection. Afterwards Prof. ZHU Jiaojun introduced the development history of field research stations in IAE, the development and contributions of Qingyuan station, stressed the representative results for 973 Program: Directed Manage Strategy for Larch Plantation Based on the Relations between Structure and Functions, and had discussions with the team members.

Prof. YAN Qiaoling reported the research content and task assignation, expected results, work scheme and management support, research development and problems appeared after the project kick-off and suggestions. Prof XIAO Wenfa and Prof ZHU Jiaojun expressed some constructive feedback, advice, suggestions and resolutions from the point of view of the whole objective of the project. He further made clear the place of the subproject in the whole project, sample plot size, and the direction of plot construction. The members of the inspection team all agreed that the long-term plots have provided support to the realization of the project goal. The inspection has set up a good foundation that promotes and helps to put the implement scheme of the 6th sub project into effect.

The sixth subject: of Regional Structure Optimization and Adjustment Mechanisms of the Balance between Timber Production and Ecological Function of Forest Plantation is the continuation and deepening of the 973 Project: Structure, Functions and Adjustment of China’s Major Forest Plantation Ecosystems. It aimed to solve the problems in cooperative playing the role in timber production and ecological functions. The sub- project took plantations of larch, Chinese pine, Chinese red pine and Chinese fir as objects to assess the current situation of timber production, water conservation and carbon fixation, quantify the weigh/coordination relationship, set up the way of forest regeneration, put forward the strategy for the regional landscape optimization and adjustment so as to increase the functions of forest plantation.