FANG Yunting

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Research Interests

I have diverse research interests. By using stable isotope labelling and natural abundance approaches, I devote to 1) explore effects of N deposition on forest ecosystems; 2) reveal tree growth and N cycling in the past 150 years; 3) quantify nitrogenous gas losses from terrestrial ecosystems soils; 4) examine if plants have N uptake preference or plasticity and link them to plant biodiversity; and 5) quantify atmospheric inorganic N and partition their N sources in the present time and in the past.

So far I have published 86 peer-viewed papers, of which 41 were SCI papers. As leading and/or correspondence author, I have published 20 papers in international journals, including PNAS, Global Change Biology, Atmospheric chemistry and Physics, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Science and Technology, Ecosystems, Biogeosciences, Oecologia, Journal of Geophysical Research, Tellus B, Plant and Soil, Forest Ecology and Management. My total SCI citation is 742 times, and my H-index is 16 based on web of science. My research ID is G-4456-2012.


1. 2016/07-2021/06, Biological mechanisms underlying the coupled carbon and nitrogen cycling in forests and grasslands from northeastern China. Funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China.PI.

2. 2016/01-2020/12, Impacts of warming and nitrogen deposition on plant nitrogen uptake, soil N cycle and greenhouse gases emission of forests of northeastern China, Bureau of Frontier sciences and education Chinese Academy of Sciences. PI.

3. 2015/01-2017/12, "Nitrogen cycling in forest ecosystems", Funded by the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC). PI.

4. 2014/01-2019/12, Soil microbes drive nitrogen biogeochemical cycling in cropland soil in Northeast China. Funded by Strategic Priority Research Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences. PI.

5. 2014/01-2017/12, To quantify rates of nitrification and denitrification from forests in southern China using natural abundance of nitrate isotopes. Funded by the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC). PI.


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