Research System

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Stable Isotope Ecology     Research Center for Industrial Ecology & Sustainability     Seed Ecology 


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Forest and Forestry Ecological Engineering Research Center


Secondary Forests       Eco-climatology       Stable Isotope Ecology      Natural Forest Ecology

Forest Ecosystem Management      Forest Boundary Ecology      Ecology of Plantation Forest

Combating Desertific      Forestry and Eco-engineering      Physiological Ecology      Seed Ecology


Soil Ecology and Agricultural Ecological Engineering Research Center


Ecological Stoichiometry     Plant Nutrition and New Type Fertilizers      Applied Soil Biochemistry

Soil and Environmental Biochemistry      Soil Fertility and Nutrient Cycling       Soil Ecology     

Agroecological Engineering     Agricultural Water and Soil Engineering      Biogeochemistry

Belowground Ecological Processes      Soil Chemistry      Ecosystem Microbiology    


Landscape Ecology and Regional Planning Research Center


Landscape Ecology      Landscape Process      Urban Ecology      Regional Low Carbon Development

Disturbance Ecology      


Pollution Ecology and Environmental Ecological Engineering Research Center


Industrial Ecology & Sustainability       Environmental Engineering       Pollution Ecological Process

Environmental Physics       Microbial Ecology of Pollution Environmental     Soil Pollution Ecology

Environmental Micro-interfacial Chemistry      Environmental Molecular Science     


Bio-Resources and Bio-Technology Research Center 


Microbial Resources and Ecology       Insect Science      Microbial Biotechnology      Trce Propagation

Bryophyte      Environmental Microbiology     Bio-diversity(Mycology)     Moleculer Ecological Engineering

Microbial Ecology and Technology