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Research Facilities and International Collaboration

1 Research Facilities

The Center for Pollution Ecology and Environmental Engineering is home to two key laboratories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ¾ the Laboratory of Ecological Processes in Terrestrial Ecosystems and the Laboratory for Pollution Ecology and Environmental Engineering ¾ as well as five key laboratories of Liaoning Province.

    The Center has state-of-the-art equipment to assure a wide-range of research activities. Analytical instruments include a stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer, an X-ray diffractometer, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), an atomic absorption spectrometer, an atomic fluorescence spectrometer, gas chromatography and an inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometer. Instruments for biochemical and molecular research include real-time qPCRs, PCR thermal cyclers, a UV/visible benchtop spectrophotometer for nucleic acid and protein quantification, an ultrasonic liquid processor, nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis systems and gel imaging systems. A team of well-trained technicians provides consultation for graduate students. The facilities fulfill research needs for quantification, speciation (transformation), and degradation and toxicity analysis of environmental pollutants. In addition, the Center has developed facilities for the treatment of wastewater and solid waste and the remediation of polluted soils. The Center also has a demonstration station for the remediation of contaminated soils.

2 International Collaboration

Collaboration partners. The Center has close relationships with institutions from 18 countries and regions, including the United States of America, Japan, Germany, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Top universities and research institutes in the world such as Cambridge University and the National Institute for Environmental Research of Japan have been our long-term collaborators.

Collaborative projects and co-authored papers. Over the past five years, we have participated in 15 collaborative projects with a total funding of approximately $800,000. Among these, two projects were sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Science Foundation of China; three projects received funding from China and Russia; and 9 projects were funded by China and Japan. Over the past five years, 123 papers have been published in international journals based on these collaborative efforts.

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