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Structure,Functions and Their Regulation of China’s Main Forest Plantations by Ministry of Science and Technology in Beijing

According to the provision of Notice from Ministry of Science and Technology, the Check and Acceptance meeting was held on 31 October-4 November 2016 in Beijing.

This project was undertaken by IAE and the chief scientist is Prof ZHU Jiaojun. On 31 October, a team led by prof ZHU participated the activities for check and acceptance. The team members included Prof LI Chunyang from Chengdu Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Ministry of Water Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof WANG Huimin from Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research Chinese Academy of Sciences, academic secretary, Prof YAN Qiaoling and administrative secretary ZHANG Jinxin of the project office.

First, the chief scientist ZHU Jiaojun reviewed the background of the project, reported in detail the development of the project in the 5 years and results of implementation of planed task and anticipated goal, academic level and innovation, effect, work team, personal training, project management, academic exchange, science popularization, data sharing, file establishment, fund expenditure and so on. Then, Prof LI Chunyang, Prof WANG Huimin and Prof ZHU Jiaojun reported, respectively, The Mechanism Theory of Productivity Formation Based on the Difference in Resource Use Efficiency between Male and Female Poplar Trees, Strstegy of Under Forest Vegetation Management Based on the Principal of Nutrient Balance and Directional Management of Larch Plantation Based on the Interrelations of Structure and Functions. The specialists for the Check and Acceptance seriously heard the reports, checked the data and had full queries and discussions. All the specialists agreed that the project has satisfactorily accomplished the task and indexes for assessment, the data are complete, canonical and the representative achievements have certain scientific and practical significance.

The project was started from 2011, pointing to the problems such as low wood productivity and un-sustainability, the unclear relations between wood production and ecological functions in the management of forest plantations. The project took major plantations: Chinese Fir, Larch and Poplar plantations as research object, investigated the mechanism of productivity formation, the effect of forest structure on nutrient balance, the trade-off relations between wood production and major ecological functions, principals for structure optimization and function assessment. 

Two hundred and forty six papers were published including 154 SCI and 63I in top journals, 3 patents were licenced, 3 paper for science popularization published, 3 activities of sciencepopulaization were organized.  A multi-source data set (>490G) was constructed including the data from long-term monitoring system and controled experiments, vegetation and soil investigation in China’s major forest plantation collected in the 5years. Fifty five Doctors, 109 masters, 8 post-doctorst were trained. One outstanding young scientist and 2 excelent Young scintists were trained. The chievement in talent training was awarded from province and CAS. The whole research ability was enhanced, prepared firm talent and knowledge oundation for the development of forest plantation research work.



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