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IAE Got First Second-Class National Award for Technical Innovation

On 9 January 2017, National Science and Technology Award Conference was held in People’s Great Hall of Beijing. President XI Jinping, Premier LI Keqiang and other party and state leaders attended. The Top Science and Technology Award, National Technology Invention Awards, National Natural Science Awards were issued. Prof WU Zhijie’s team of IAE, cooperated with Prof GAO Jinhua of Stanly Agriculture Company Limited and Prof CHEN Hongliang of Shanhai Chemistry Engineering Institute got second-class National Technology Invention Award for their Key Technology System Construction Based on High Tower Melt Granulation Technology and new Fertilizer Product Creation. This is the first time of getting such award in IAE’s history.

According to FDA US report, fertilizer contributes 40% of increase in food production, so is very important in guaranteeing national security of food supply. China has little fertilizer types and the use efficiency is 15-30% lower than developed countries. This seriously limited the sustainable development of modern agriculture in China. Compound fertilizers and mixed fertilizers have the advantage in multiple nutrients, better use efficiency and suitable for scientific formulation and mechanical application and have become the main stream of world fertilizer development.

Urea is used as main Nitrogen source to produce compound fertilizer in China and along with the social-economic development, more and more new type fertilizers are needed to meet the requirement of sustainable development of modern agriculture. The traditional technology was hard to produce high-concentration urea-based compound fertilizer because of the difficulty in granulation and drying. The process is highly energy consuming and produce serious pollution problem. The inventors tackled the problem in over 10 years and invented the new granulation technology and relevant manufacture system and produced new series of fertilizers. The new innovation points of the invention are:

First, invention of new technology to control the flow rate of melted material, solved the problem of low mobility of the flow. The content of by-product biuret is lower than 1%. This technically facilitates the high-tower melt granulation.

Second, invention of facility for high-tower granulation of solid- containing high-viscosity material. This solves the problem of continuity of the technology, constructs the technology system for high-tower melt granulation, realizes the engineering of the technology.

Third, invention of Multiple–use high-tower melting granulation technology, provides technology for production of 3 new–type fertilizers, long-term effective fertilizer, urea formaldehyde fertilizer and humic acid fertilizer.

This inventions covers 47 authorized invention patents, construction of 11 production lines, developed 3 new series fertilizers. The accumulated increment of sale volume in 3 years was RNB 13.93 billion and got profit RNB 480 million. The energy cost decreased 50%. No more wastewater and slag muck discharged. Waste gas reduced to 40%. The whole technology stands in the internationally advanced place. One hundred production lines have been constructed according to this new tech with annual production of 10 million tons- 20% of the compound fertilizer production of China. The product fertilized 450 million Mu crop field in 3 years and produced income RNB 27 billion for the farmers. The use efficiency of fertilizer increased 10.2%. The invention provides reliable technology for reformation of current 4000 granulation facilities and elevation of product quality. Development of the new fertilizers satisfies the need of China in agricultural modernization and guaranties functionality, diversity of fertilizers and reduction in fertilizer use. The invention contributes to promote the whole technology level of China’s fertilizer industry.



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