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Erguna Research Station Developed Technology Docking and Support Activities to the Local Authority

To carry out the instructions of CAS President BAI Chunli when He visited the Erguna Forest-Steppe Ecotone Research Station in August 2016, the station director Prof WANG Zhengwen, Prof YU Jinghua and XU Siming visited Erguna National Wetland Park, Wetland Museum and Shangkuli Farm, Hailaer Agricultural Reclamation Group for the activities of technology docking and support on 15-17 March 2017.

On 15 March, companied with the leader of Erguna National Wetland Park ZHENGuang, they inspected the park being constructed. On 16, the two sides discussed the comprehensive plan of the park, the constructions of Rose Theme Park and Theme Park of Wetland Plants in Great Xingan Mountain. After discussion, it was decided that The Technical schemes of the two theme park will be provided by XU Siming and YU Jinghua and the construction will be started Spring of 2017. Prof YU Jinghua provided photos of plants on Great Xingan Mountain to help the wetland museum collect plant sample and enrich the exhibition.

On 17 March, in Shangkuli Farm Hailaer Agricultural Reclamation Group, WANG Zhengwen and others had discussions with executive manager of the farm HAN Xidong. The manager introduced the difficulties in the serious decrease in milk price caused by the international economic depression, decrease in cow stock and the worker’s income. Prof WANG Wenzheng analyzed the current situation of China’s husbandry development and problem, indicate the bright future of milk industry. He pointed out that the low competition ability of China’s husbandry lies in rough management, low technique content that cause the high cost and high prices. He expressed hope to cooperate with the farm in experiment and demonstration of technologies in improvement of degraded grassland, artificial pasture planting, forage processing and silage, possible ways in decrease the cost of cow and beef cattle cultivation. The final target is construction of a whole set of industry models that suitable to the development of local husbandry economy According to the desire of the farm, Prof YU Jinghua introduced  hazel planting, grafting Korean pine on(Pinus koraiensis) on stock of Pinus sylvestris var Mongolica to produce edible seeds and planting of cold-resistant blueberry and suggested to begin with small area test and develop the commercial planting after the test got success. The host side expressed great interest in the suggestion and cooperation intention. The feasibility will be discussed in the near future.

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