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Technology Integration and Demonstration of Amelioration of infertile Low-yield saline Field in Northeast Plain Checked and Accepted

On 6 April 2017, The Ministry of Science and Technology organized related specialists to hold a meeting to check and accept the project: Science and Technology Engineering on Amelioration of Middle and Low Yield Fields including the Northeast sub-project  that managed by Prof YU Wantai in IAE.

A section chief of Department of S & T for Rural Development of Ministry of Science and Technology LU Bingyou and the chief scientist, Prof ZENG Xibai from Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development, Chinese Academy  of Agricultural Sciences presented. The specialist Group led by Prof XIE Delin from Southwest University listened the project summary report and financial report, checked the technical and financial data. After inquiries and full discussions, the specialist group consider the project perfectly accomplished the expected target of the task, data is complete and standard, the found use is rational, fully affirm the success and pass the check and acceptance procedure.

The subproject aimed to the vast areas of low and middle yield field in Northeast China, took the poor saline soils in Northeast Plain as major direction of attack.

After field investigation and experiment, revealed the development process of obstruct factors and main driving force to the saline soils constructed and demonstrated 9 models in obstruct reduction, increase soil capability and optimized deployment of resources.

Seven demonstration bases were constructed covering a core area 78,000 Mu, demonstration area 480000 Mu and 9.05 million Mu for technology extension(1hectar=15Mu). The core area had a 20% yield increase, 10% increase in soil organic matter and 10-15 cm increase in the thickness of ploughed top soil. The sub-project has developed 2 kinds of farm tools with proprietary intellectual Property right, got 4 provincial awards, Provided 4 consult reports, published 70 papers, got 8 invention patents and issued 1 local standard. The research achievements provided theoretical base and technical support to high-efficient and sustainable use of the low and middle yield field in Northeast China.



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