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Geng, Yong Curriculum Vitae


2013.2 Visiting professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2011.3-2012.3 Visiting professor, United Nations University-Institute of Advanced Studies

2009.2 Visiting professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2008- Professor, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2007 -2008 NIES Fellow, National Institute for Environmental Studies

2007 Country expert, United Nations Industrial Development Organization

2007.9 Visiting scholar, University of Hong Kong

2006.5-8 Visiting scholar, University of Leipzig, Environmental technology and management Institute

2006.6 Visiting scholar, Royal Institute of Technology

2006.10 Visiting professor, University of Ulsan

2005.6 Visiting professor, Chalmers University

2005.5-8 Visiting scholar, University of Leipzig, Environmental technology and management Institute

2004.10 Visiting scholar, Heidelberg University

2003.2-5 Visiting scholar, Waterloo University

2003.10-11 Visiting scholar, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

2002.3 Visiting scholar, Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute

2002.12 Visiting scholar, Lille University

2001.3 Visiting scholar, De La Salle University

2000-2001Consultant, United Nations Environment Program

2000 -2001 Visiting scholar, Dalhousie University

2000 Visiting scholar, Hong Kong Polytechnic University




2004 Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Dalhousie University, Canada

1997 M.S., Environment management, Dalian University of Technology, China

1992 B.S., Mechanical engineering, Southeast University, China



2006-3: Winner of the tenth young teachers research prize, Fok Ying-tung education foundation

2003-9:KILLAM fellowshipthe most prestigious scholarship in Dalhousie university.

2002-9:KILLAM fellowshipthe most prestigious scholarship in Dalhousie university.

2009-8: The fifth batch of “one hundred talents project” , Liaoning provincial government

2011-7: second class research award, Shenyang municipal government (2011-2-4-1)

2012-4: The "51" labor medalist, Shenyang municipal government

2012-4: The ten outstanding returned overseas scholar pioneer award, Shenyang municipal government

2012-9: third class research award, Liaoning provincial government (2012J-3-61-01)

2012-9: first class research award, Shenyang municipal government2012-1-16

2012-9: second class research award, Shenyang municipal government2012-2-55



Evolution mechanism, optimization path and management policy of one industrial ecosystem, key project of natural science foundation of China (710330042011.1.1-2014.12.31, 1.5million Yuan)

Emergy analysis based comparative study on the industry ecosystem performance between China and Japan, the national natural science fund project of international cooperation (NSFC-JSPS712111042, 2013.4.1-2015.12.31, 348 thousand Yuan);

Ecological risk assessment and Land reuse planning method of one old industrial relocation area , National science and technology supporting project, ministry of science and technology (2011BAJ06B01, 2.93million Yuan);

Venous industrial network construction research in Shenyang, Shenyang science and technology plan project (F10-238-6-00, 300 thousand Yuan);

Urban compound ecological industry network integration research and evaluation method

(Chinese academy of sciences, one hundred planning project, 2.7 million Yuan);

National standard on low carbon economic development zone, ministry of commerce (the environmental protection cooperation projects between China and Switzerland $800000)

Regional ecological restoration and industrial ecosystem plan in coastal economic area in Liaoning province, Chinese academy of sciences in cooperation projects (240 thousand Yuan, 2011-2013)

Foreign young scientists program of The Chinese academy of sciences, DABO GUAN2012Y1ZB0001(165 thousand Yuan, 2012.3-2013.3, 2013.8-2014.7)

Foreign young scientists program of The Chinese academy of sciences, KANNAN GOVINDAN, 2012Y1ZA0001(40 thousand Yuan2012.8-2013.8)

Taiwan's young scientists program of The Chinese academy of sciences, ZENG MINGLANG2011TW2ZA1(240 thousand Yuan2012.3-2013.3)

Material flow analysis and performance evaluation in Liaoning (International cooperation with Japan's national institute for environmental studies, 4 million yen+8 million yen);

The energy emission factor analysis of Liaoning Province (International cooperation with Japan's national institute of environmental studies, 4.5million yen);

Urban air quality improvement technology integration in central and southern Liaoning (International cooperation with Japan's national institute of environmental studies, 6 million the yen);

Green supply chain management in China (International cooperation with the Hong Kong polytechnic university, 600 thousand Yuan);

Venous industry system construction of Shenyang (International cooperation with Japan's national institute of environmental 5 million yen);

Low carbon development research in Shenyang (International cooperation with Japan's national institute of environmental studies, 5 million yen);

Low carbon development performance evaluation in Shenyang (International cooperation with the United Nations university institute of higher 3 million the yen);

Climate change assessment- reducing emissions through materials recycling (National meteorological bureau, 110 thousand Yuan);

The 3R policy research in Asia (Japan's institute for global environmental strategies, 3.5million yen);

The twelfth five-year ecological restoration strategy research in Fuxin and Chaoyang, Liaoning provincial development and reform commission (NDRC), 50 thousand Yuan;

Eco-industrial park planning in Shenyang, 750 thousand Yuan;

Shenyang twelfth five-year circular economy plan.(Shenyang development and reform commission, 1 million Yuan);

Shenyang twelfth five-year low carbon development plan.(Shenyang development and reform commission, 0.99 million Yuan);

Venous industry development research in Shenyang (Shenyang Science and technology plan project, 300thousand YuanF10-238-6-00);

Shenyang Heping district National sustainable development demonstration area plan, 300 thousand Yuan.

Shenyang Shenbei new district National sustainable development demonstration area plan, 200 thousand Yuan.

Tiexi district National sustainable development demonstration area plan, 100 thousand Yuan.

Jiangsu Donghai county National sustainable development demonstration area plan, 100 thousand Yuan.

Benxi Nanfen district National sustainable development demonstration area plan, 100 thousand Yuan.

Urban air quality and economic development mode (International cooperation with Japan's national institute of environmental studies, 6 million the yen)

Shenyang solid waste disposal technology integration research (Shenyang Science and technology project, 200 thousand Yuan, 1091147-9-00)

The development of recycling economy of Urban Agglomeration in the central and southern Liaoning (Liaoning Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Project)

MUSIASEM-based method on urban metabolism pathway (Liaoning province natural science fund 20092078, 5million Yuan);

A comparative study of urban solid waste management study between china and Japan (International cooperation with Japan's national institute of environmental studies,  6.4 million the yen);

Emergy analysis based study of industrial ecology efficiency evaluation, Scientific Research Starting Foundation for Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, Ministry of Education, 25 thousand Yuan;

The 10th Fok Ying-Tong Education Foundation for Young Teachers in the Higher Education Institutions of China (Environmental science and engineering) (104001),Urban economic development model and environment function improvement ($20000,2006-3—2009-3)

A GIS based study on Dalian city circular economy development pattern (2005.7-2007.6), Dalian returned overseas initial funds (100thousand Yuan), (2005J22JH015);

A comparative study of ecological urban development model and performance evaluation between China and Japan, Toyo university, 2.5 million yen, 2006.1-2006.12;

Small watershed integrated management and performance evaluation, Toyo university,1.1 million yen, 2007.1-2007.12;

Chinese agricultural industry ecological planning model, $2400, Thailand Asian institute of technology , 2007.3;

Dalian hi-tech park ecological planning project, 1.1million Yuan2006.4-2007.3;

Hainan Yangpu economic development zones circular economy planning, 0.1million Yuan, 2006.-2007.6;

Yantai development zone ecological plan, 2002.1-2002.6;

Comparable study on entrepreneurs' environmental awareness between Mainland China and Hong Kong, 2000.5-2000.8, The Hong Kong polytechnic university;

Comparable study on environmental law enforcement officials' environmental awareness between Mainland China and Hongkong, 2000.5-2000.8The Hong Kong polytechnic university.



Journal Articles

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Geng, Y*. and Cote, R., 2001. EMS as an opportunity for engaging China's economic development zones: The Case of Dalian. Environmental Management of Industrial EstatesUNEP No.42 document


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