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Guo, Shuhai Curriculum Vitae


2002- Professor of Environmental Engineering, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1999-02 Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1999-01 Postdoctoral Researcher of Environmental Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Environmental Aquatic Chemistry, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1993-96 Instructor, Shenyang Agricultural University

1986-90 Teaching Assistant, Shenyang Agricultural University



1999 Ph.D., Pollution Ecology, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

1993 M.S., Soil Environmental Science, Shenyang Agricultural University, China

1986 B.S., Physical Chemistry, Jilin University, China



2011 Third Prize in Science and Technology Progress Award of Liaoning Province

2010 First Prize in Science and Technology Progress Award of Liaoning Province

2010 Top Ten Innovative Workers of Liaoning Province

2010 51 labor medal of Liaoning Province

2009 First Prize in Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Award of Liaoning Province

2009 State-level Candidate of National Talents Engineering of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China

2009 National government particular subsidy of State Council of the People's Republic of China

2008 Third Prize in Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Award of Liaoning Province

2007 Bairen-level of the “Liaoning Baiqianwan Talents Program” 

2006 First Prize in Technical Innovation Award of Liaoning Province


2006 51 Labor Medal of Directly Subordinate Organization Liaoning Provincial Government

2005 Second Prize in Environment Protection Science and Technology Award of State Environmental

Protection Administration 



2013-16 National 863 Project, Physicochemical and Bio-remediation technologies of Semi-Volatile Organic Compound Contaminated Site.8,080,000

2013-15 Major Projects under the National Water Pollution Control and Management technologies program, Reduce of Estuary District Cumulativity Hydrocarbon Pollutants key Technologies and Demonstration. 2,800,000

2011-13 Important Direction Project under Knowledge Innovation Projects of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Process Control Mechanism and Methods of the Strengthen Biodegradation of petroleum pollutants, 1,500,000

2011-12 Project of Liaohe Oilfield, Anti-scaling Technology Research of High Pour Point Oil Watering Pipe Network.239,000

2009-11 Important Direction Project under Knowledge Innovation Projects of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research of the Chromium Contaminated Industrial Site Soil Remediation Technologies under the Remediation of Heavy Metal and PAHs Contaminate Soil in Central Urban Agglomeration of Liaoning Province. 350,000

2009-11 Major Projects under the National Water Pollution Control and Management technologies program, Prevent and Control the Land-based Pollution of Liaohe River Estuary District along with the research and demonstrate of water quality improvement key technologies. 6,030,000

2007 Project of Liaohe Oilfield, 50,000t/a Oil-bearing sewage sludge disposal Project of Huayou

Industrial Corporation, Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau. 247,000

2007 Project of Liaohe Oilfield, Surface Pipeline Anticorrosive and Antiscale Technologies of Sewage Thermal Injection System in Liaohe Oilfield.200,000

2006-10 State Special Projects, Soil Risk Assessment and Security division of key areas, Contaminated soil remediation and comprehensive treatment pilot project. 1,600,000

2006-08 Science and Technology Planning Project of Liaoning Province, Comprehensive Improvement

and Engineering Demonstration of Liaohe River Basin Ecological Environment. 300,000

2005-10 Revitalization of the northeast china major project, Chinese Academy of Sciences, The General Plan and Treatment model Demonstration of Liaohe River Basin ecological construction. 5,000,000. Shuhai Guo, Leader of the Project

2004-09 National 973 Project, Characteristic and Temporal-spatial Changing of Environmental Pollution of Northeast China old industrial base. 1,400,000 

2003-07 Science and Technology Planning Project of Liaoning Province, Optimization and Engineering Demonstration of Comprehensive Improvement Model of Liaohe River Basin Ecological Environment. 500,000

2003-05 National 863 Project, Research and Application of Efficent Anaerobic and Aerobic Bioreactor. 1,050,000

2003 Technological Development Project of Huayou industrial corporation, Liaohe Oilfield, Feasibility Study of Oil Production Sewage Treatment Plant in Liaohe oilfield, 200,000

2002-04 Project of Huayou Industrial Corporation, Liaohe Oilfield, Huancai Sewage Treatment Plant Construction Project of Huayou Industrial Corporation. 300,000

2002-04 Project of Huayou Industrial Corporation, Liaohe Oilfield, Jincai Sewage Treatment Plant Construction Project of Huayou Industrial Corporation. 500,000

2002-03 China National Petroleum Corporation, Ecological Function Assessment and Ecological Security Pattern Designing of Yu, Wan, Su, Hu region in West-east National Gas Transmission Project. 1,000,000



ISI-Journal Articles

2013 Diannan Huang, Shuhai Guo*, Tingting Li, Bo Wu. Coupling Interactions between Electrokinetics and Bioremediation in the Removal of Pyrene (PYR) from Soil under Conditions of Polarity Reversal, Clean-Soil,Air,Water 41(4):383-389

2013 Ye Yuan, Shuhai Guo*, Fengmei Li. Effect of an electric field on n-hexadecane microbial degradation in contaminated soil. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 77:78-84

2013 YE Hanfeng, GUO Shuhai *, LI Fengmei, LI Gang.Water Quality Evaluation in Tidal River Reaches of Liaohe River Estuary, China Using a Revised QUAL2K Model. Chinese Geographical Science 23(3):301-311

2012 Fengmei Li, Shuhai Guo*, Niels Hartog. Electrokinetics-enhanced biodegradation of heavy polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil around iron and steel industries, Electrochimica Acta 85:228–234

2012 Gang Li, Shuhai Guo*, Shucai Li. Comparison of approaching and fixed anodes for avoiding the ‘focusing’ effect during electrokinetic remediation of chromium-contaminated soilChemical Engineering Journal 203:231–238

2012 Shucai Li, Shuhai Guo*, Fengmei Li, Tingting Li. Enhanced electrokinetic remediation of chromium -contaminated soil using approaching anodes. Frontiers of Environmental Science and Engineering in China 6(6): 869–874

2011 Shuhai Guo*, Gang Li, Jiuhui Qu, etc. Improvement of acidification on dewaterability of oily sludge from flotation, Chemical Engineering Journal168: 746-751

2011 Li fengmei, Guo Shuhai*, Wu Bo, Ye Hanfeng. Concentrations and sources of polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Topsoil of Benxi City, Northeast China. Chinese Geographical Science 21 (2): 185-194

2010 Gang Li, Shuhai Guo*, Fengmei Li. Treatment of oilfield produced water by anaerobic process coupled with micro-electrolysisJournal of Environmental Sciences 22: 1875–1882

2010 Tingting Li, Shuhai Guo*, Bo Wu, Fengmei Li, Zhixin Niu. Effect of electric intensity on the microbial degradation of petroleum pollutants in soil. Journal of Environmental Sciences 22 (9):1381-1386

2008 Shuhai GuoYu LiLiang LiuXiuyi Hua. Pb and Cd adsorption onto the natural surface coating in the presence of the organochlorine pesticides: a preliminary investigation. Journal of Environmental Management 88(1):147-153

2006 Guo Shuhai,Wang Xiaoli , Li Yu, et al . Investigation on Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Pb and Cd fractions in the natural surface coatings sampled and surficial sediments collected in the Songhua River. Journal of Environmental Sciences 18(6):1193-1198

2006 LI Feng-meiWANG Xiao-liLI YuGUO shu-hai*ZHONG Ai-ping. Selective extraction and separation of Fe,Mn,oxides and organic materials in river surficial sediments.Journal of Environmental Sciences 18(6):1233-1240

2006 Zhong Aiping, Guo Shuhai*, Li Fengmei,et al. 2006.Impact of anions on the heavy metals release from marine sediments. Journal of Environmental Sciences 18(6):1216-1220

2006 Z. Niu,S. Guo*,F. Li,T. Sun. Effects of Tween-80 on Bioremediation of Soil Contaminated with Resin and Asphalt. Bull. Environ.Contam. Toxicol 76:950-956

2006 Yu LiXiaoli WangShuhai Guo*Deming Dong. Cu and Zn adsorption onto non-residual and residual components in the natural surface coating samplesNSCSs in the Songhua RiverChina. Environmental Pollution 143:221-227

2006 Yu LiFang YangDeming DongYongzheng LuShuhai Guo. Study on fractions of adsorbed Pb and Cd onto natural surface coatings. Chemosphere 62:1709-1717

2006 Li Yu, , Huang Guo-he, Zhang Bai-yu, Guo Shu-hai.Scavenging of Cd through Fe/Mn oxides within natural surface coatings (NSCs) .Journal of Environmental Sciences 18(6):1199-1203

2006 Yu Li, Zhe Wang, Wenjin Zhao, Shuhai Guo. Application of a short sequential extraction procedure (SSEP) for the determination of Zn, Cu and Cd availability in the riverbed sludge in Hejiagou, Harbin. Chemical Research in Chinese Universities 22(6): 696-702 

2009 Y. Li, X. L. Wang, G. H. Huang, B. Y. Zhang, S. H. Guo. Adsorption of Cu and Zn onto Mn/Fe oxides and organic materials in the non-residual fraction of river surficial sediments. Soil & Sediment Contamination: an International Journal 18(1): 87-101

2012 Cancan Zhang, Fengmei Li, Shuhai Guo*. Mobilization and Microorganism Degradation of N-hexadecane by Electrokinetic. Environmental Engineering (30):515-518

2011 Bo Wu, Shuhai Guo*, Lingyan Zhang. Fates of petroleum pollutants in the river of Liaohe estuary. Chinese Journal of Ecology 30 (10): 2277-2282

2011 Lili Liang, Shuhai Guo*, Gang li, etc. The Effect of Cr Removal from Contaminated Soil and the Content Changes of Acid Extractable Fraction by Citric/Sodium Citrate Leaching. Journal of Agro-Environment Science 30(5):881-885

2010 Tingting Li, Lingyan Zhang, Shuhai Guo*, Diannan Huang. Effects of Completely Symmetrical Electric Field on Electro-Bioremediation of Oil Contaminated Soil. Research of Environmental Sciences 23(10): 42-46

2010 Yanhua Wang, Shuhai Guo*, Gang li, Bo Wu, Fengmei Li. DEM-based ecological purification system analysis and design. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology 21(4):1038-1042

2009 Fengmei Li, Cuixia Huang, Shuhai Guo*, Lingyan Zhang. Bacterial diversity in oil wastewater during its treatment process. Chinese Journal of Ecology 12(28): 2574-2578

2009 Gang Li, Shuhai Guo*, Yuxing Bai, Fengmei Li. Recovery of high content resources from the oil-sludge through distillation. Journal of Safety and Environment 9(5):81-84

2009 Lingyan Zhang, Yuxing Bai, Xuelian Yang, Fengmei Li, Shuhai Guo*. Detection of soil petroleum-degrading bacteria with fluorescence in situ hybridization technique. Chinese Journal ofEcology 28(6): 1123-1127

2009 Shuhai Guo, Yu Liu, Jinxuan Hu, Fengmei Li. A study on corrosion-scale inhibitors of the sewage injection system in oilfield. JOURNAL OF LIAONING TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY(NATURAL SCIENCE EDITION) 28(4):641-644

2009 Xin Wang, Shuhai Guo*, Tieheng Sun, Dan Su, Xuelian Yang. Degrading characteristics and application of high-efficiency microorganisms for viscous oil. Chinese Journal of Environmental Engineering 2009,3(4):586-590

2009 Shuhai Guo, Hanfeng Ye, Bo Wu, Yanhua Wang. Differential geometry expression and analysis of regionalized variables of typical pollutants concentration in terrestrial environment. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology 20( 10): 2475-2480

2008 Yu Liu, Shuhai Guo*, Yuee Zhu, Changhua Shi, Gang li, Fengmei Li. Research of corrosion-scale inhibitor for water drive recovery system of oil-bearing wastewater recycle. Industrial Water Treatment 28(6):43-46

2008 Yan Xu, Wanting Liu, Shuhai Guo*, Fengmei Li, Gang li. Ozonation Pre-treatment of Heavy Oil Contaminated Soils. Journal of Agro-Environment Science 27(5):1721-1725

2008 Jinxuan Hu, Shuhai Guo*, Gang li, Fengmei Li, Tingting Li. Study on the desorption characteristics of different group components in the oil sludge. Journal of Safety and Environment 8(6):30-33

2007 Hanfeng Ye, Shuhai Guo*, Changhua Shi, Gang Li, Fengmei Li, Shenghui Xu . Preparation and study on cleaning agent for oily sludge. Chinese Journal of Environmental Engineering 1(6):97-101

2007 Shenghui Xu, Shuhai Guo*, Xiaomin Hu, Fengmei Li, Yue hong Wang, Hanfeng Ye, Aiping Zhong, Changhua Shi. Revaluation of soil heavy metals pollution in Zhangshi irrigation area of Shenyang and analysis of Cd forms in soil. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology 18(9):2144-2148

2006 Mingfen Niu, Shuhai Guo*, Fengmei Li, etc. Effects of Biosurfactant Application on the Bioremediation of Soil Polluted by Thick Oil. Journal of Shenyang Jian zhu university natural science. 22(6):968-971

2006 Yanhui Leng,Shuhai Guo*,Yuanbin Nie,Tieheng Sun, Qun Zhou, Peng Sun. Effects of Petroleum Exploitation on Ecological Environment of Reed Fields in Liaohe River Delta. Journal of Agro-Environment Science 25(2):432-435

2006 Fengmei Li, Shuhai Guo*, Zhixin Niu, Mingfen Niu, Yanhui Leng, Chungui Zhang. Isolation of Viscous-Oil Degradative Microorganism and Biodegradation to Resin and Asphaltene. Chinese

Journal of Soil Science 37(4):764-767

2006 Xin Wang,Shuhai Guo*,Fengmei Li,Yuxing Bai. Analysis of Main Affecting Factors in Microbial Treatment Process for Viscous Oil Wastewater. Research of Environmental Sciences 19(4):42-46

2005 Shuhai Guo, Hairong Zhang, Chungui Zhang. Screening for Degradation Fungi of Persistent Petroleum Hydrocarbon. Journal of Agro-Environment Science 24(1):161-164

2005 Shuhai Guo, Hairong Zhang,Fengmei Li, Zhixin Niu, etc. Treatment Technology of Composting Piles for Mud Containing Oil. Journal of Agro-Environment Science 24(4):812-815

2005 Xinzhi Niu,Shuhai Guo*,Fengmei Li,Mingfen Niu,etc. Bio-Degradation of Resin and Asphalt in Viscous-Oil Contaminated Soil by Actonomyces. Journal of Agro-Environment Science 24(4):771-774

2005 Mingfen Niu, Fengmei Li, Xiaori Han, Shuhai Guo*, Zhixin Niu, Yanhui Leng, Chungui Zhang. Isolation of biosurfactant-producing microorganisms and their stability. Chinese Journal of Ecology 24(6):631-634

2004 Lixin Guo,Shuhai Guo*,Yanhui Leng,Tieheng Sun. Soil Disturbance and Its Impact on Farmland Ecosystem in the Henan- Shanghai Section of Gas Pipeline Project from West to East. Journal of Agro-Environment Science 23(3):536-539

2002 Shuhai Guo*, Hairong Zhang,Jiuhui Qu, etc. Study on the behavior of COD vs BOD5 and biodegradability in treatment of anaerobic process for emulsified viscous oil production wastewater Acta Scientiae Circumstantiae,22(1):29-33

2002 Shuhai Guo, Xingyu Bai, Hairong Zhang,etc. Study on Pretreatment Process of Super Viscous Oil Emulsion Wastewater. Research of Environmental Sciences,15(1):1-4,8

1999 Shuhai Guo, Peidong Tai, Tieheng Sun,etc. Desing of Activated Sludge-upflow Activated Bio-filter (AS/ UABF) Combined Wastewater Treatment Technology. Chinese Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology 5(Suppl):64-67


Contributions to Books

2001 Tieheng Sun, Qixing Zhou, Peijun Li (chief editors), Shuhai Guo (associate editor). Pollution Ecology. Science Press

2005 Tieheng Sun, Peijun Li, Qixing Zhou (chief editors), Shuhai Guo, Yufang Song, Xin Wang (associate editor). Soil Pollution Forming Mechanism and the Remediation Technologies. Science Press

2006 Liding Chen, Shuhai Guo, Changliang Jiang (chief editors). Ecosystem Assessment and Ecological Security along the line of West-east National Gas Transmission Project. Science Press


Papers Presented at Professional Meetings

2013 With J. Zhang.  Inhibition of Corrosion and Scale Formation in Oilfield Produced Water Recycling System. The 2013 2nd International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection (ICEEP 2013). Guilin, China INVITED.

2011 With B. Wu. Effect of Suspended Substances on the Fate and Distribution of Petroleum Pollutants in the River. Environmental Pollution and Public Health (EPPH2011) Special Track within iCBBE. Wuhan, China INVITED.

2011 With S. Li. Application of sequential extraction analysis to electrokinetic remediation of chromium contaminated soil. Environmental Pollution and Public Health(EPPH2011) Special Track within iCBBE. Wuhan, China INVITED.

2010 With F. Li. Distribution and health risk assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in indusrial site soils: A case study in Benxi, China. The 4th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (iCBBE 2010). Chengdu, China INVITED.

2010 With T Li. Electro-biodegradation of the oil-contaminated soil through periodic electrode switching. The 4th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (iCBBE 2010). Chengdu, China INVITED.


Memberships or Activities in Professional Associations

2012- present The 5th advisory committee member for The People’s Government of Liaoning Province 

2011- present The advisory committee member of degree education for University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2010-present The expert committee member for University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2009-present The committee member for Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences

2006-present The expert for the project of  Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of china Soil Search


Review/Referee Grants and Publications

2013 Reviewer for Journals: Journal of Hazardous Materials (2), Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts(2), African Journal of Microbiology Research(1), International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (1), Clean-Soil, Air, Water(1), Separation and Purification Technology(2), Energy& Fuels(1), Journal of Environmental Science (1).

2012 Reviewer for Journals: Chemosphere (1), Journal of Environmental Science (1), Journal of Hazardous Materials (1), Water Research (1), Soil, Air, Water (1), Chemical Engineering Journal (1), International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation (1).



Major advisor

Sha Wang (Ph.D., Current)

Xiaona Wei (Ph.D., Current)

Wendi Xu (Ph.D., Current)

Sujuan Xu (Ph.D., Current)

Ruijuan Fan (Ph.D., Current)

Hanfeng Ye (Ph.D., 2010)

Ye Yuan (Ph.D., 2010)

Diannan Huang (Ph.D., 2009)

Fengmei Li (Ph.D., 2008)

Bo Wu (Ph.D., 2008)

Shucai Li (Ph.D., 2008)

Gang Li (Ph.D., 2007)

Tingting Li (Ph.D., 2007)

Xinhong Gan (M.S., Current)

Haiou Zhang (M.S., Current)

Cancan Zhang (M.S., 2010)

Jiangwei Zhang (M.S., 2010)

Xiaona Wei (M.S., 2009)

Lili Liang (M.S., 2008)

Yanhua Wang (M.S., 2007)

Lingyan Zhang (M.S., 2006)

Jinxuan Hu (M.S., 2006)

Wanting Liu (M.S., 2005)

Yu Liu (M.S., 2005)

Hanfeng Ye (M.S., 2004)

Aiping Zhong (M.S., 2004)

Gang Li (M.S., 2003)

Xin Wang (M.S., 2003)

Zhixin Niu (M.S., 2002)

Min Yan (M.S., 2001)

Lixin Guo(M.S., 2001)



Advising committee

Mingfen Niu (Ph.D. 2003, Shenyang Agricultural University)

Wei Wei (M.S. current, Shenyang University)

Suhui Zhai (M.S. current, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology)

Shuang Yuan (M.S. 2008, Shenyang Agricultural University)

Keqing Li ((M.S. 2006, Northwest A & F University)

Shenghui Xu (M.S. 2004, Northeastern University)

Yuehong Wang (M.S. 2004, Northeastern University)

Chaowei Li  (M.S. 2003, Northeastern University)

Yanhui Leng (M.S. 2001, Shenyang Agricultural University)


Postdoctoral fellows

Yongchao Gao (2012)

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