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Hu, Jiangchun Curriculum Vitae


2002-present, Professor ,Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

1998-2002 Associate Professor, Institute of Applied Ecology, CAS

1994-1998 Assistant Professor, Institute of Applied Ecology, CAS

1991-1994Research assistant, Institute of Applied Ecology, CAS

2004-present, Guest ProfessorShenyang Pharmaceutical University

20058-11Visiting ProfessorUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonUSA



1998 Ph.D.Microbiology, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1991 M.A.Microbiology, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1988 B.S.,Microbiology, Wuhan University


20102nd -Award of Hunan Province for Science and Technology Progress

20043nd -Award of Heilongjiang Province for Science and Technology Progress

2001Award to Scientific Achievement of Ministry of Sciences and Technology

1998Honor Scientist of Heilongjiang Province

1996-99Annual Excellent Employee of Institute of Applied EcologyCAS

19952nd-prize for thesis of 2 th Chinese Young Academic Annual Meeting



2011-14 National High Technology Research and Development Program ("863"Program)“Antifungal multi-target marine bacteria for PGPR biological research and pilot” No.2011AA09070404

2011-13 National Science and Technology Support Project“Microbial metabolites of  the parent pesticide” No.2011BAE06B04-03

2011-13Chinese Academy of Sciences Cooperate with local “Healthy Aquaculture microbial agents (combined bait) liquid-solid fermentation technology for Sea cucumber”

2008-10 Knowledge Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences "Marine microbial fungicide -30 hundred million cfu / g Bacillus WP industrialization key technology" (No. KSCX2-YW-G-039-3)

2007-10 National High Technology Research and Development Program ("863"Program)   "Special purpose marine microbial research and development technology for agriculture and forestry application " (No. 2007AA09Z417)

2006-09 Knowledge Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences  "High value marine bioactive substances and its application" (No. KZCXZ-YW-405)

2006-09  Knowledge Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences "Eucalyptus plantation soil organic matter dynamics and nutrient supply and nutrient management"

2003-05 National High Technology Research and Development Program ("863"Program) "Tetrodotoxin high expression system and its marine microbial fermentation technology" (No. 2003AA625020)

2002-04 Knowledge Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences “Marine bacteria BAC-9912 development biological pesticide” (No. KZCXZ-YW-408)

2001-06  Knowledge Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences“ Development of novel marine bacterium BAC-9912 biocontrol agent” (No. KSCXZ-SW-301-07)

2002 - R&D of novel biopesticide Ningkang Meisu. (Cooperated with NCPC)

2001-04  Natural Science Foundation of Liaoning Province “Functional gene of active metabolites produced by marine microorganisms and biopesticide targets”No. 2001102013)

1998-03 National Key Technologies R&D Program of China“Biotechnology of Marine actinomycete MB-97 preparation”No. 96-C01-02-02)

1998-01 Dean Fund of CAS ,”New kind of cologne bdellovibrio acid fermentation of vitamin C technology"

1991-94 Shenyang key scientific and technological items"Applied protoplast fusion in breeding rifamycin high-yield strain"



Journal Articles

2012.Zongwang Ma, Nan Wang, Jiangchun Hu and Shujin Wang, Isolation and characterization of a new iturinic lipopeptide, mojavensin A produced by a marine-derived bacterium Bacillus mojavensis B0621A, The Journal of Antibiotics 65, 317–322  

2012.Liu X,Ren B,Gao H,Liu M,Dai H,Song F,Yu Z,Wang S,Hu J,Kokare CR, Zhang L Optimization for the production of surfactin with a new synergistic antifungal activity. PLoS One.;7(5):e34430. Epub

2011.Li Zhao, Li Liu, Nan Wang, Shu-Jin Wang, Jing-Chun Hu and Jin-Ming GaoPotent Toxic Macrocyclic Trichothecenes from the Marine-Derived Fungus Myrothecium verrucaria Hmp-F73Natural Product Communications   Vol. 6 No. 121915 – 1916

2010.Liu X,Ren B,Chen M,Wang H,Kokare CR,Zhou X,Wang J,Dai H,Song F,Liu M,Wang J,Wang S,Zhang LProduction and characterization of a group of bioemulsifiers from the marine Bacillus velezensis strain H3. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. Aug;87(5):1881-93. Epub 2010 May 16.

2010.Lili Chen, Nan Wang, Xuemei Wang, Jiangchun Hu, Shujin Wang. Characterization of two antifungal lipopeptides produced by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens SH-B10. Bioresour Technol, 8822-8827 IF 4.45

2010.Li Liu , ZhengHu Duan, MingKai Xu, JiangChun Hu, SiLong Wang, QianRu Zhang, ZhiGang Hu, ShuJin Wang   Effect of Monospecific and mixed Chinese Fir Plantations on Azotobacter, Nitrobacteria and Microbial Community Structure Plant and Soil   327413-428 

2009.Hua-qi PAN Nan WANG, Li LIU, Lei LIU, Jiang-chun HU,Pu-yan CHEN, Shu-jin WANG and Rui-bing CAO Molecular Characterization of the Duck Enteritis Virus UL4 Gene VIROLOGICA SINICA  24 (3):171-178

2012.Suya Yu, Huaqi Pan, Jiangchun Hu, Nan Wang, Shujin Wang, Identification and antifungal activity product of deep sea actinomycetes 08A4. Journal of Microbiology  32 (5) :1-5 (in chinese)

2011.Li Zhao; Li Liu; Jiangchun Hu; Jinming Gao; ShuJin Wang, producing insecticidal antibacterial single-ended trichothecenes toxins sponge fungus Myrothecium verrucaria Hmp-F73 screening ,Chinese Journal of Biological Control,27 (3) 331 – 337, (in chinese)

2011.Liu Yi HU Jiangchun Nan Wang Shujin, Identification a fungi with insecticidal activity , Biology 28 (5) :47-49, (in chinese)

2011.Lixuan Niu; Nan Wang; Xuemei Wang; Jiangchun Hu; Shujin Wang, Screening and Identification of Bacillus from deep sea which produce lipopeptide antibiotic bacillopeptin A,Chinese Journal of Antibiotics 10: (36) :738-744, (in chinese)

2011.Shuang Zhang, Huaqi Pan, ShuJin Wang,Da-Ming Ren, Jiangchun Hu,Marine bacteria B177 Identification and active substances. Journal of Shenyang Agricultural University (3) :329-334, (in chinese)

2011.Li Zhenxing, Hu Jiangchun, Meng Da, Wang Nan, Wang Shu Jin,Identification and deep-sea bacteria SHB109 surfactant product , Journal of Microbiology 31 (6) :1-5, (in chinese)

2010.Fangxin Hu, Jiangchun Hu, Hui Xu,Dextral biotransformation Proneomycin Isolation and identification, Journal of Biology, 27:21-24, (in chinese)

2009.Zhanqiang Li, Jiangchun Hu , Huaqi Pan , Shujin Wang,Fibrinolytic enzyme producing strains of marine microbes B5815 Screening and identification, Journal of Microbiology Vol. 29 No. 6 41-44, (in chinese)

2010.Miao Zhang, Huaqi Pan, JiangchunHu, De-Qiang Dou, ShuJin Wang, Tingguo Kang Transformed endophytes arctiin burdock isolation and identification of strains L2 ,Pharmaceutical Biotechnology  17 (2): 111 ~ 116, (in chinese)

2009.Zhigang Hu, Jiangchun Hu , Li Liu, ShuJin Wang, Zhenfei Su, Silong Wang, Marine microbial compound preparation to improve the quality of Eucalyptus Plantations, Chinese Journal of Ecology 28 (5): 915-920, (in chinese)

2009.Xuemei Wang, Shujin Wang, Jiangchun Hu, Identification and Characterization Protease of Bacillus B1394 from deep-sea, Journal of Jilin Agricultural University ,2 143-147, (in chinese)

2009.Li.Liu, Zhenhu Duan, Silong Wang, Jiangchun Hu, Zhigang Hu, Shujin WangDifferent developmental stages chinese fir plantation community structure, Chinese Journal of Ecology 28 (12) 1-7 , (in chinese)

2009. Huaqi Pan,Zhang Miao, Li Liu, Nan Wang, Jiangchun Hu, De-qiang Dou, Shujin Wang ,Burdock rhizosphere fungi Fusarium solani isolated and identified ,Virulence Biotechnology 19 (5) :46-50, (in chinese)

2009. Yang Xu, Nan Wang , Li Liu, Shujin Wang , Jiangchun Hu, Marine Bacillus subtilis 3512A antifungal lipopeptide Purification and structural characterization , Chinese Journal of Biological Control (4) :328-333 , (in chinese)

2009. Huaqi Pan, Rui-bing Cao, Pu-yan Chen , Lei Liu, Shujin Wang , Guangyan Pan, Jiangchun Hu ,Several PCR and cloned duck enteritis virus unknown genes, Applied ,Microbiology Bulletin, 36 (12): 1842-1848, (in chinese)

2008Wei Li,Jiangchun Hu,Shujin Wang.Growth-promotion and biocontrol of cucumber fusarium wilt by marine bacillus subtilis 3512A. Journal of Shenyang Agricultural University.,39(2): 182-185 (In Chinese)

2008Huqi Pan,Ruibing Cao,Nan Wang,Li Liu,Lei Liu,Jiangchun Hu,Puyan Chen, Shujin Wang. Prokaryotic expression of N-termina1 antigenic domain of duck plague virus gB protein and its immunological characteristics. Journal of Agricultural Biotechnolog.16 (5):743-747 (In Chinese)

2008.Huaqi Pan, Ruibing Caob,, Lei Liu, Mingfu Niu, Bin Zhou,Puyan Chen, Jiangchun Hu Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of the duck enteritis virus UL5 gene.Virus Research.,136 (1-2):152-156 (SCI)

2008.Hongli Xu,Jiangchun Hu,Silong Wang,Li Liu,Shujin Wang.Screening of antagonistic bacteria against deleterious fungi fusarium oxysporum in the rhizosphere soil during chinese Fir continuous planting.Journal of Jilin Agricultural University.,30(3).259-262 (In Chinese)

2008.Yijie Deng,Yanhui Fan,Delin Xue,Li Liu,Jiangchun Hu,Shujin Wang.Study on the Fermentation of tetrodotoxin by Bacillus fusiforms N141. Nat Prod Res Dev,20:74-78 (In Chinese)

2007.Hongli Xu,Jiangchun Hu,Shujin Wang. Biological characteristics and identification of marine bacteria 3728 with bioactivity of resistance to Fusarium Oxysporum f.sp.vasinfectum. Journal of Shenyang Agricultural University.,38(4):527-530 (In Chinese)

2007.Jiangchun Hu, Shujin Wang,Cuixia Zhang. Commemorating the China’s pioneer in microbiology-Xianwu Zhang professor.Journal of Microbiology.,27(1):1-2 (In Chinese)

2007.Yanhui Fan,Jiangchun Hu,Shujin Wang. Optimization of culture medium for a new tetrodotoxin-producing marine bacterium b3b by uniform design. Chin J Appl Environ Biol.,13(13):361-364 (In Chinese)

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2005.Yanhui Fan,Jiangchun Hu,Chengxin Ma,Delin xue,Li Liu,Yanmao Li, Shujin Wang,Qingdong, Zhang. Microecological distribution of toxin-producing bacteria in Fugu rubripes in Bohai Sea and biological characteristics of B3B. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology.,16(10): 1952-1955 (In Chinese)

2005.Lixin Zhang, Rong An, Jinping Wang, Nuo Sun, Si Zhang, Jiangchun Hu and Jun Kuai Exploring novel bioactive compounds from marine microbes. Current Opinion in Microbiology8(3), 276-281.

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2005.Zhenlong Wu, Ying Yang, Liping Xie, Guoliang Xia,Jiangchun Hu, Shujin Wang, Rongqing Zhang. Toxicity and distribution of tetrodotoxin-producing bacteria in puffer fish Fugu rubripes collected from the Bohai Sea of China.Toxicon.,46(4):471-476

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2013.Jiangchun Hu, Xuehong Li, Delin Xue, Nan Wang, Huaqi Pan, Dechang Yang, ,Zhiliang Zhang, Li Liu ,Chuntian Li, Xiaoru Li, Shiguang Ma, Lie Wang, Yang Xu, Lili Chen,Shipeng Qu,Zhengxuan Tong,Shujin Wang, Antifungal lipopeptides biocontrol microbes and pesticide formulations applications CN: 201310243118.2(in Chinese)

2012.Huaqi Pan, Suya Yu, Jiangchun Hu, Shujin Wang,One kind Kawuer Streptomyces and its application CN: 201210590374.4(in Chinese)

2012.Jiangchun Hu, Zongwang Ma, Shujin Wang . Bacillus mojavensis and antifungal lipopeptide compounds , their preparation and application CN: 201210054010.4(in Chinese)

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2002 Jiangchun Hu, Lie Wang, Chengxin Ma,Quanyong Liu, Delin Xue, Shujin Wang. A method  for manufacture  feed by stalks fermentation. Appl. No.: 03133476.8 (in Chinese)


Contributions to Books

2004. Shujin Wang,Haian Fu,Lixin Zhang,Jiangchun Hu,Peng Jiao.Studies on terrestrial & marine microorganism,theoretical works,applications,new methods.Shenyang: Liaoning Science and Technology Press. 2004, (In Chinese)

2001.Jiangchun Hu, Delin Xue,Quanyong Liu,Shujin Wang.Scientific expedition reports of soil microorganism// Scientific expedition set about Fairy Cave nature reserve.Chinese Forestry press.:88-108 (In Chinese)

2000.Jiangchun Hu, Delin Xue, Shujin Wang.The characteristics of penicillium purpurogenum in rhizosphere soils by soybean continuous cropping and its mycology identification.//The techniques of controling soybean yield decline and main disease of soybean.Beijing:Science Press  (In Chinese)

2000Jiangchun Hu, Delin Xue, Shujin Wang.Identification and biological characteristics of Marine actinomycetes MB-97.//The techniques of controling soybean yield decline and main disease of soybean.Beijing:Science Press  (In Chinese)

2000.Jiangchun Hu, Delin Xue, Chengxin Ma, Shujin Wang. Antibiotic properties and high-activity strains of mutation breeding of marine actinomycetes MB-97.//Ziniu Yu. Microbial Pesticide and Its Industrialization. Beijing:Science Press.,236-242 (In Chinese)


Papers Presented at Professional Meetings


2012. Zongwang Ma and Jiangchun HuIsolation and characterization of a new iturinic lipopeptide, mojavensin A produced by a marine-derived bacterium Bacillus mojavensis B0621A”poster,AMP2012 SymposiumTHIRD INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ANTIMICROBIAL PEPTIDES),FRANCE

2011 Jiamgchun Hu“DISCOVERY PESTICIDE LEADING COMPOUNDS FROM MARINE DERIVED MICROBEs”,Inaugural conference of Bergey’s International Society for Microbial Systematics, INVITED

2009 Jiamgchun Hu, “Marine microorganisms produce lipopeptide research”, Eleventh National antibiotics (antimicrobial agents) Symposium

2009 Jiamgchun Hu, "Trinity, segmented progressive" - R & D strategy of deep-sea microbes Opinion”,Twelve five deepsea technology development strategy seminar (863 planned field of marine technology)

2008Jiamgchun Hu“ Marine microbial agriculture, forestry, industry, application” Seventh National Microbiology Microbial Genetics and the Third National Symposium, INVITED

2008, Jiamgchun Hu“Marine Biotechnology, Lianyungang marine microorganisms in agriculture, forestry, industry, application”, National Marine Biotechnology and Innovative Drug Symposium and the High-Level Forum, INVITED


Memberships or Activities in Professional Associations

2012-present, Vice- Chairman , Liaoning Branch of Microbiology of China

2011- present, Member of Council of Basic Microbiology Branch of Microbiology Science Society of China

2008-present, Member of Council of Marine Microbiology Branch of Microbiology Science Society of China

2008-present, Member of Council of Marine Branch of Biochemistry and Molecular Miology Society of China

2000-present, Member of Council of Marine Biotechnology Branch of Marine Science Society of China

1994-2012, Vice-secretary-general, Liaoning Branch of Microbiology of China



1998-2001,Consultant on bio-fertilizer for Chaoda Agriculture Tech. Co.Ltd.

1998-2000,Consultant on microbiology for Hanwei Biotechnology Company

1999-2001,Consultant on biocontrol agent manufacture for Wuhan Double Group


Editorial Services

2011- present, Editorial Board: Journal of Microbiologyin chinese

2009- presentReview edtiorFrontiers in Microbiology

2005- present, Editorial Board: Journal of Biology in chinese

2002- present, Editorial Board: Chinese Journal of Ecology.in chinese


Review/Referee Grants and Publications

2009- presentReview edtiorFrontiers in Microbiology

2007- Reviewer for National High Technology Research and Development Program ("863"Program) Grants

2007- Reviewer for Agricultural Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Fund

2002- Reviewer for journals: Journal of Microbiologyin chinese, Journal of Biology in chinese, Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology.in chinese, Chinese Journal of Antibioticsin chinese,Journal of Applied Ecologyin chinese,China Agricultural Sciencesin chinese,Ecology(in chinese), Marine Science(in chinese),Chinese Journal of Biological Control.in chineseetc.

2002 Reviewer for National Natural Science Foundation Grants

2001 Reviewer for Liaoning Natural Science Foundation Grants

2000 Reviewer for Beijing Natural Science Foundation Grants



Major advisor

Yuanyuan Feng (current)

Chunfeng Song (current)

Qian Lv (M.S. 2013)

Zoangwang Ma (M.S. 2012) ,Yu Suya(M.S. 2012, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University)

Lixuan Niu (M.S. 2011)

Lili Chen (M.S. 2010), Zhangqiang Li (M.S. 2012, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University)

Zhigang Hu, Yang Xu (M.S. 2009), Fangxin Hu (M.S. 2012, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University)

Xuemei Wang, Wei Li (M.S. 2008)

Hongli Xu (M.S. 2007), Yijie De (M.S.2007 ,Shenyang Pharmaceutical University )

Yanhui Fan (M.S. 2006)

Yanmang Li (M.S. 2005)

Li Liu (M.S. 2004)

Lie Wang (M.S. 2003)


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Li Liu (2011Ph.D.)

Haitao Zhang (Ph.D. 2005, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS)

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