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Jia, Yongfeng Curriculum Vitae


2005-present Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Applied Ecology

2000 -05 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, McGill University, Canada

2000 -2000 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Water Soluble Polymer Centre, UK

1995-96 Visiting Scholar, Newcastle University, UK

1989-95 Engineer, Team Leader, Anshan Research Institute of Thermo-Energy, China



2000 Ph.D., Chemistry, Newcastle University, UK

1989 M.S., Anshan Res. Inst. Thermo-Energy

1986 M.S., Fushun Petroleum University



2009 Received the "National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar"

2005 Awarded the title of "One Hundred Talents" by CAS.



National Natural Science Foundation project

2011-2013 National Science Foundation, Arsenic redistribution on the mineral-water interface and          chemical equilibrium in As-Fe-S system under anoxic condition $82,258

2010-2013 National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, Formation and remediation of arsenic          contamination in typical land environment $322,580

2008-2010 National Science Foundation, Microcosmic geochemical process and bioavailability of typical heavy metals in estuarine sediments $65,573

2007-2009 National Science Foundation, Stability and stabilization of coprecipitated As-bearing solid waste $49,180

Ministry of Science and Technology project

2012-2015 863 project, Plant remediation technology and demonstrate in large nonferrous metals area and surrounding area. $44,262

2009-2011 973 project, Environmental fate and ecological effect of typical heavy metals in Liaodong Gulf, $108,196

CAS project

2010-2012 CAS innovation project, New method of chemical sequential extraction of As in soil/sediment $147,540

2009-2011 CAS innovation project, Remediation of contaminated soils in waste water irrigated area and industrial field $196,721

2007-2010 CAS One-hundred talent program, Study on control of As contamination by industrial effluent and residual $327,868

Institute of Applied Ecology Chinese Academy of Science project

2007-2009 Stability of As-bearing solid waste from non-ferrous smelting industry $9,836

2011-2015 Transformation and bioavailability of As in As-Fe-S-Mn systems under oxic-anoxic transition condition $65,573



Journal Articles

2013 Wu, X.; Xie, L.; Xu, L.; Wang, S.; Jia, Y.F. Effects of sediment composition on cadmium bioaccumulation in the clam Meretrix meretrix Linnaeus. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 32(4), 841-847.

2013 Wang, S.; Xing, D.; Wei, Z.; Jia*, Y.F. Spatial and seasonal variations in soil and river water mercury in aboreal forest, Changbai Mountain, Northeastern China. Geoderma 206, 123-132.

2012 Jia, Y.F.; Zhang, D.; Pan, R.; Xu, L.; Demopoulos, G.P. A Novel two-step coprecipitation process using Fe(III) and Al(III) for the removal and immobilization of arsenate from acidic aqueous solution. Water Research 46, 500-508.

2012 Wang, S.; Xu, L.; Zhao, Z.; Wang, S.; Jia*, Y.F.; Wang, H.; Wang, X. Arsenic retention and remobilization in muddy sediments with high iron and sulfur content from a heavily contaminated estuary in China. Chemical Geology 314-317, 57-65.

2012 Wang, S.; Xing, D.; Jia*, Y.F.; Li, B.; Wang, K. The distribution of total mercury and methyl mercury in a shallow hypereutrophic lake (Lake Taihu) in two seasons. Applied Geochemistry 27, 343-351.

2012 De Klerk, R.J.; Jia, Y.F.; Daenzer, R.; Gomez, M.A.; Demopoulos, G.P. Continuous circuit coprecipitation of arsenic(V) with ferric iron by lime neutralization: process parameter effects on arsenic removal and precipitate quality. Hydrometallurgy 111-112, 65-72.

2012 Wu, X.; Jia*, Y.F.; Zhu, H. Bioaccumulation of cadmium bound to ferric hydroxide and particulate organic matter by the bivalve M. meretrix. Environmental Pollution 165, 133-139.

2012 Wang, S.; Zhang, M.; Li, B.; Xing, D.; Wang, X.; Wei, C.; Jia, Y.F. Comparison of mercury speciation and distribution in the water column and sediments between the algal type zone and the macrophytic type zone in a hypereutrophic lake (Dianchi Lake) in Southwestern China. Science of The Total Environment417-418,204-213.

2012 Wang, S.; Li, B.; Zhang, M.; Xing, D.; Jia, Y.F.; Wei, C. Bioaccumulation and trophic transfer of mercury in a food web from a large, shallow, hypereutrophic lake (Lake Taihu) in China. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 19, 2820-2831.

2012 Zhang, X.; Jia*, Y.F.; Wang, S.; Pan, R.; Zhang, X.D. Bacterial reduction and release of adsorbed arsenate on Fe(III)-, Al- and coprecipitated Fe(III)/Al-hydroxides. Journal of Environmental Science 24, 440-448.

2012 Yao, S.; Jia*, Y.F.; Zhao, S. Photocatalytic oxidation and removal of arsenite by granular activated carbon supported titanium dioxide. Environmental Technology 33, 983-988.

2011 Xu, L.; Zhao, Z.; Wang, S.; Pan, R.; Jia*, Y.F. Transformation of arsenic in offshore sediment under the impact of anaerobic microbial activities. Water Research 45, 6781-6788.

2011 Zhao, Z.; Jia*, Y.F.; Xu, L.; Zhao, S. Adsorption and heterogeneous oxidation of As(III) on ferrihydrite. Water Research 45, 6496-6504.

2011 Zhang, D.; Jia*, Y.F.; Ma, J.; Li, Z. Removal of arsenic from water by Friedel′s salt (FS: 3CaO·Al2O3·CaCl2·10H2O). Journal of Hazardous Materials 195, 398-404.

2010 Yao, S.; Jia*, Y.F.; Shi, Z.; Zhao, S. Photocatalytic oxidation of arsenite by a composite of titanium dioxide and activated carbon fiber. Photochemistry and photobiology 86, 1215-1221.

2010 Xu, L.; Jia*, Y.F. The fate of arsenic in offshore sediment under microbial reduction. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74, Suppl.1, A1161.

2010 Wang, X.; Jia, Y.F. Study on adsorption and remediation of heavy metals by poplar and larch in contaminated soil. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 17, 1331-1338.

2010 Wu, X.; Jia*, Y.F.; Zhu, H.; Wang, H. Bioaccumulation of cadmium bound to humic acid by the bivalve M. meretrix from solute and particulate pathways. Journal of Environmental Science 22, 198-203.

2010 Wang, S.; Jia*, Y.F.; Wang, S.; Wang, X.; Wang, H.; Zhao, Z.; Liu, B. Fractionation of heavy metals in shallow marine sediments from Jinzhou Bay, China. Journal of Environmental Science 22, 23-31.

2009 Zhu, H.; Jia*, Y.F.; Wu, X.; Wang, H. Removal of arsenic from water by supported nano zero-valent iron on activated carbon. Journal of Hazardous Materials 172, 1591-1596.

2009 Wang, H.; Jia*, Y.F. Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by Phragmites australis cultivated in synthesized substrates. Journal of Environmental Science 21, 1409-1414.

2009 Wang, S.; Jia*, Y.F.; Wang, S.; Wang, X.; Wang, H.; Zhao, Z.; Liu, B. Total mercury and monomethylmercury in water, sediments, and hydrophytes from rivers, estuary, and bay along the Bohai Sea coast, northeastern China. Applied Geochemistry 24, 1702-1711.

2009 Wang H.; Jia*, Y.F.; Wang, S.; Zhu, H.; Wu, X. Bioavailability of cadmium adsorbed on various oxides minerals to wetland plant species Phragmites australis. Journal of Hazardous Materials 167, 641-646.

2009 Chen, N.; Jiang, D.T.; Cutler, J.; Kotzer, T.; Jia, Y.F.; Demopoulos, G.P.; Rowson, J.W. Structural characterization of poorly-crystalline scorodite, iron(III)-arsenate coprecipitates and uranium mill neutralized raffinate solids using X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73, 3260-3276.

2009 Shi, R.; Jia*, Y.F.; Wang, C.; Yao, S. Mechanism of arsenate mobilization from goethite by aliphatic carboxylic acid. Journal of Hazardous Materials 163, 1129-1133.

2009 Shi, R.; Jia*, Y.F. Wang, C. Competitive and Cooperative Adsorption of Arsenate and Citrate on Goethite. Journal of Environmental Science 21, 106-112.

2008 Jia, Y.F.; Demopoulos, G.P. Coprecipitation of Arsenate with Iron (III) in Aqueous Sulfate Media: Effect of Time, Lime as Base and Co-Ions on Arsenic Retention. Water Research 42, 661-668.

2008 Wang, X.; Chen, T.; Ge, Y.; Jia*, Y.F. Studies on land application of sewage sludge and its limiting factors. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 160, 554-558.

2008 Xu, L.; Ren, N.; Wang, X.; Jia, Y.F. Biohydrogen production by Ethanoligenens harbinense B49: nutrient optimization. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 33, 6962-6967.

2008 Zhang, X.; Jia*, Y.F. Wang, X.; Xu, L. Phylogenetic analysis and arsenate reduction effect of the  arsenic-reducing bacteria enriched from contaminated soils at an abandoned smelter site. Journal of Environmental Science 20, 1501-1507.

2007 Jia, Y.F.; Xu, L.; Wang X.; Demopoulos, G.P. Infrared spectroscopic and X-ray diffraction characterization of the nature of adsorbed arsenate on ferrihydrite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 71, 1643-1654.

2006 Jia, Y.F.; Xu, L.; Fang Z.; Demopoulos, G.P. Observation of surface precipitation of arsenate on ferrihydrite. Environmental Science & Technology 40, 3248-3253.

2006 Jia, Y.F.; Xu, L.; Thomas, K.M. Evidence for the adsorption of K+Ag(CN)2- ion pairs on carbon surface by XANES spectroscopy. Chemical Physics Letters 421, 237-241.

2005 Jia, Y.F.; Demopoulos, G.P. Adsorption of arsenate onto ferrihydrite from aqueous solution: influence of media (sulfate vs. nitrate), added gypsum, and pH alteration. Environmental Science & Technology 39, 9523-9527.

2005 Yuan, T.C.; Jia, Y.F.; Demopoulos, G.P. Synthesis and solubility of crystalline annabergite (Ni3(AsO4)2·8H2O). Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly 44, 449-456.

2004 Jia, Y.F.; Thomas, K.M. Observation of the adsorption of K+Au(CN)2- ion pairs on the surface of nanoporous carbon by synchrotron based X-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) study. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108, 17124-17128.

2003 Cutler, J.N.; Chen, N.; Jiang, D.T.; Demopoulos, G.P.; Jia, Y.F.; Rowson, J.W. The nature of arsenic in uranium mill tailings by X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Journal of Physics IV 107, 337-340.

2003 Jia, Y.F.; Demopoulos, G.P. Adsorption of silver onto activated carbon from acidic media: nitrate and sulfate media. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 42, 72-79.

2003 Jia, Y.F.; Zhu, Q.; Thomas, K.M. Nitrogen K-shell excitations in gold(I) and silver(I) dicyanide KM(CN)2 (M=Au, Ag) by XANES spectroscopy. Chemical Physics Letters 371, 105-110.

2002 Jia, Y.F.; Zhu, Q.; Thomas, K.M. Synthesis of nitrogen doped fullerenes by vaporization of graphite and characterization using NEXAFS and temperature programmed combustion. Chemical Physics Letters 364, 171-175.

2002 Jia, Y.F.; Xiao, B.; Thomas, K.M. Adsorption of metal ions on nitrogen surface functional groups in activated carbons. Langmuir 18, 470-478.

2000 Jia, Y.F.; Thomas, K.M. (2000) Adsorption of cadmium ions on oxygen surface sites in activated carbon. Langmuir 16, 1114-1122.

1998 Jia, Y.F.; Steele, C.J.; Hayward, I.P.; Thomas, K.M. Mechanism of adsorption of gold and silver cyanide species on activated carbons. Carbon 36, 1299-1308.



Major advisor

Song Yu        (current Ph.D.)

Xiao Fan        (current Ph.D.)

Yuan Zidan      (current Ph.D.)

Wang Yulong    (current Ph.D.)

Li Xiaoliang     (current M.S.)

Wang Ying      (current M.S.)

Zhang Zhanhua  (current M.S.)


Shi Rong        (Ph.D. 2008)

Zhang Xuexia    (Ph.D. 2008)

Zhu Huijie       (Ph.D. 2009)

Wu Xing        (Ph.D. 2009)

Wang He        (Ph.D. 2009)

Zhang Zhixi      (Ph.D. 2010)

Zhang Danni     (Ph.D. 2011)

Pan Rongrong    (Ph.D. 2011)

Yu Huixin       (Ph.D. 2012)

Wang Kuangling  (Ph.D. 2013)

Chen Liang (M.S. 2008)

Lu Hongtao (M.S. 2008)

Wang Shuying (M.S. 2009)

Wu Xi (M.S. 2010)

Chen Yiping (M.S. 2011)


Postdoctoral fellows

Yao Shuhua   (2011)

Zhang Xuexia  (2011)

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