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Liang, Chao Curriculum Vitae


2013 - Scientist, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang

2008 - 13 Research Associate, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2003 - 08 Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2000 - 03 Research Assistant, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang



2008 Ph.D., Soil Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

2003 M.S., Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

2000 B.S., Environmental Science, Shenyang Agricultural University, China



2012 - National “Thousand Young Talents Program” Scholarship, Central Government, China

2012 - “Early Career Research Grants” Scholarship, Technical University of Munich, Germany

2007 - VILAS Fellowship for Dissertators, Graduate Student Collaborative of UW-Madison

2006 - Wilford Gardner IUSS Congress Fellowship, US National Academies (NAS)



Journal Articles

2013 Liang, C., D.S. Duncan, T.C. Balser. Soil microbial residue storage linked to soil legacy under biofuel cropping systems in southern Wisconsin, USA. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 57: 939-942

2013 Zhang, B., C. Liang, H. He, X. Zhang. Variations in soil microbial communities and residues along an altitude gradient on the Northern slope of Changbai Mountain, China. PLoS One. 8(6): e66184

2012 Liang, C., T.C. Balser. Warming and nitrogen deposition lessen soil microbial residue contribution to stable soil carbon pool. Nature Communications. 3:1222

2012 Liang, C., E. da C Jesus, D.S. Duncan, R.D. Jackson, J.M. Tiedje, T.C. Balser. Soil microbial communities under model biofuel cropping systems in southern Wisconsin, USA: Impact of crop species and soil properties. Applied Soil Ecology. 54: 24-31

2012 Liang, C., H.W. Read, T.C. Balser. GC-based detection of aldonitrile acetate derivatized glucosamine and muramic acid for microbial residue determination in soil samples: analytical protocol and derivative validation. Journal of Visualized Experiments. 63:e3767

2012 Chen, F., X. Feng, C. Liang. Endogenous versus exogenous nutrient affects C, N, and P dynamics in decomposing litters in mid-subtropical forests of China. Ecological Research. 27: 923-932

2011 Liang, C., G. Cheng, D.L. Wixon, T.C. Balser. An absorbing Markov Chain approach to understanding the microbial role in soil carbon stabilization. Biogeochemistry. 106: 303-309

2011 Liang, C., X. Zhang, L. Wei, H. He, A.J. Higbee, T.C. Balser. Investigation of molecular ion structure for aldononitrile acetate derivatised muramic acid. Journal of Microbiological Methods. 86: 224-230

2011 Liang, C., G.R. Sanford, R.D. Jackson, T.C. Balser. Potential legacy effects of biofuel cropping systems on soil microbial communities in southern Wisconsin, USA. Agricultural Sciences. 2: 131-137

2011 Liang, C., T.C. Balser. Microbial production of recalcitrant organic matter in global soils: Implications for productivity and climate policy. Nature Reviews Microbiology. 9: 75-75

2011 Xu, C., C. Liang, S. Wullschleger, C. Wilson, N. McDowell. Importance of feedback loops between soil inorganic nitrogen and microbial community in the heterotrophic soil respiration response to global warming. Nature Reviews Microbiology. 9: 222-222

2010 Liang, C., T.C. Balser. Mass spectrometric characterization of amino sugar aldononitrile acetate derivatives used for isotope enrichment assessment of microbial residues. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 42: 904-909

2009 Liang, C., H.W. Read, T.C. Balser. Reliability of bacterial muramic acid as a biomarker influenced by methodological artefacts from streptomycin. Microbial Ecology. 57: 494-500

2009 Liang, C., J.A. Pedersen, T.C. Balser. Aminoglycoside may interfere with microbial amino sugar assay. Journal of Chromatography A. 1216: 5296-5301

2009 Moritz, L.K., C. Liang, R. Wagai, K. Kitayama, T.C. Balser. Vertical distribution and pools of microbial residues in tropical forest soils formed from distinct parent materials. Biogeochemistry. 92: 83-94

2008 Liang, C., T.C. Balser. Preferential sequestration of microbial carbon in subsoils of a glacial-landscape toposequence, Dane County, WI, USA. Geoderma. 148: 113-119

2008 Liang, C., R. Fujinuma, T.C. Balser. Comparing PLFA and amino sugars for microbial analysis in an upper Michigan old growth forest. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 40: 2063-2065

2007 Liang, C., R. Fujinuma, L. Wei, T.C. Balser. Tree species-specific effects on soil microbial residues in an upper Michigan old-growth forest system. Forestry. 80: 65-72

2007 Liang, C., X. Zhang, T.C. Balser. Net microbial amino sugar accumulation process in soil as influenced by different plant material inputs. Biology and Fertility of Soils. 44: 1-7

2007 Liang, C., X. Zhang, K.F. Rubert, T.C. Balser. Effect of plant materials on microbial transformation of amino sugars in three soil microcosms. Biology and Fertility of Soils. 43: 631-639

2002 Chen, F., G. Chen, D. Zeng, C. Liang. Effects of peat and weathered coal on the growth of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica seedlings on aeolian sandy soil. Journal of Forestry Research. 13: 251-254.


Contributions to Books

2010 Balser, T.C., J.L.M. Gutknecht, C. Liang. How will climate change impact soil microbial communities? G. R. Dixon, and E. Tilston, editors. Soil Microbiology and Sustainable Crop Production. University of Reading, UK. Pages 373-397.



Review/Referee Grants and Publications

Soil Biology and Biochemistry; Soil Science Society of America Journal; Canadian Journal of Soil Science; Journal of Plant Ecology; Biogeochemistry; Biology and Fertility of Soil; Microbial Ecology; PLoS ONE; Journal of Chromatography A.; Applied Soil Ecology; Geoderma; Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B – Plant Soil Science; Microbes and Environments; Forestry; Agricultural Sciences; The Scientific World Journal

External examiner for the Ph.D dissertation by Clive Kirkby, Charles Sturt Univ., Australia

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