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Xi, Fengming Curriculum Vitae


2013 - present, Associate Professor and Principal Investigator (PI)ofRegional Low Carbon Development Research Group in Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2011 - 13 Associate Professor ofCircular Economy Group in Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2009 - 11Assistant Professor of Circular Economy Group in Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences



2009 Ph.D., Ecology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2004 B.S., Ecology, Shenyang Jianzhu University China



2012: Shenyang city people's government, Shenyang science and technology progress award

2009:Liaoning province people's government, Liaoning province scientific and technological progress second prize



2010 - 12 National Science Foundation, Shenyang city Shenhe district Low Carbon Pilot Work planning PI:Fengming Xi$32,069

2013 - 16 Ministry of science and technology, City cluster carbon dynamic space-time dynamic simulation prediction and control method researchCo PI:Tiemao Shi $32,069

2012 - 14 The National Natural Science Foundation of China, Carbon emission characteristics of landscape change and its regulation mechanism (31100346). PI:Fengming Xi $38,583

2012 –14 The Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission: the carbon emission attribution and trading mechanism of Liaoning province. PI:Fengming Xi $32,069

2012–14 Ministry of science and technology, Germany and China new town construction of water environment decision support system research. Co PI: Tieheng Sun $89,794

2011 - 13The Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission, The energy activity greenhouse gases inventory in Liaoning province. PI:Fengming Xi $64,138



Journal Articles

2013Zhu, Liu.,Fengming Xi, and Dabo. Guan, Climate negotiations: Tie carbon emissions to consumers. Nature, 2013. 493(7432): p. 304-305

2013Sun, L., Y. Geng, J. Sarkis, M. Yang, F. Xi, Y. Zhang, B. Xue, Q. Luo, W. Ren, and T. Bao. 2013. Measurement of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in a Chinese brownfield redevelopment site: The case of Shenyang. Ecological Engineering 53:115-119.

2013Ma, Z., B. Xue, Y. Geng, W. Ren, T. Fujita, Z. Zhang, J. P. de Oliverira, D. A. Jacques, and F. Xi. 2013. Co-benefits analysis on climate change and environmental effects of wind-power: A case study from Xinjiang, China. Renewable Energy 57:35-42.

2013Dong, H., Y. Geng, F. Xi, and T. Fujita. Carbon footprint evaluation at industrial park level: A hybrid life cycle assessment approach. Energy Policy. 2013, 57(0): 298-307.

2012Liu, Z., Liang, S., Geng, Y., Xue, B., Xi, F., Pan, Y., Zhang, T., Fujita, T., 2012, Features, trajectories and driving forces for energy-related GHG emissions from Chinese mega cites: The case of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing, Energy, 37(1): 245–254.

2012Xi, F., Wang, X., Geng, Y., Wang, M. &An, J. 2012. The impacts of groundwater heat pumps on urban shallow groundwater quality in Shenyang China. African Journal of Biotechnology 11: 8866-8871.

2012Xi, F., He, H., Clarke, K. C., Hu, Y., Wu, X., Liu, M., Shi, T., Geng, Y., Gao, C., 2012, The potential impacts of sprawl on farmland in Northeast China—Evaluating a new strategy for rural development. Landscape and Urban Planning, 104: 34– 46.

2011 Xi, F., Geng, Y., Chen, X., Zhang, Y., Wang, X., Xue, B., Dong, H., Liu, Z., Ren, W., Fujita, T., Zhu, Q., 2011.Contributing to local policy making on GHG emission reduction through inventorying and attribution: A case study of Shenyang, China.Energy Policy, 39(10): 5999-6010. 

2011 Chen, X., Xi, F., Geng, Y., Fujita, T., 2011, The potential environmental gains from recycling waste plastics: Simulation of transferring recycling and recovery technologies to Shenyang, China, Waste Management 31(1):168-179.

2011 Liu, M., Hu, Y., Zhang, W., Zhu, J., Chen, H., Xi, F., 2011, Application of land-use change model in guiding regional planning: A case study in Hun-Taizi River Watershed, Northeast China, Chinese Geographical Science 21(5):609-618.

2009Xi, F., He, H. S., Hu, Y., Bu, R., Chang, Y., Wu, X., Liu, M., Shi, T., 2009, Simulating the impacts of ecological protection policies on urban land use sustainability in Shenyang-Fushun, China, International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development 1(1-2):111-127. 

2009Xi, F. M., Hu, Y. M., He, H. S., Wu, X. Q., Bu, R. C., Chang, Y., Liu, M., Yu, J., Ieee, 2009, Simulate urban growth based on RS, GIS, and SLEUTH model in Shenyang-Fushun metropolitan area northeastern China, in: 2009 Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event, Vols 1-3, pp. 959-968.

2009Wu Xiaoqing, Hu Yuanman, He Hongshi, Bu Rengcang, Onsted Jeff, and Xi Fengming. 2009. Performance Evaluation of the SLEUTH Model in the Shenyang Metropolitan Area of Northeastern China. Environmental Modeling & Assessment, 14:221-230.

Contributions to Books

2013Xinbei Wang, Fengming Xi and Yong Geng. 2013. Ground source heat pump technology application energy conservation and emissions reduction benefits evaluationand management mode optimization research. China Machine Press,Beijing.

Other Publications

2009 Fengming Xi, Yuanman Hu, Hong S He, Tiemao Shi, Rencang Bu, Xiaoqing Wu, Jinghai Zhu. Urban planning based on SLEUTH model in Shenyang-Fushun metropolitan area. Journal of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2009, 26(6): 765-773. (in Chinese)

2008 Fengming Xi, Hong S He, Yuanman Hu, Xiaoqing Wu, Li Bao, Ying Tian, Jinnian Wang, Wenjun Ma. Simulation and prediction of urban and rural settlement growth and land use change in Yingkou City. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, 2008, 19(7): 1529-1536. (in Chinese)



Service to the University

2013 - 15 Outside Graduate student mentor for Shenyang JianzhuUniversity China


Papers Presented at Professional Meetings

20139th International Carbon Dioxide Conference.University of Maryland, USA and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, INVITED

2011 The 8th IALE World Congress. International Association for Landscape Ecology.Bejing.

2009 The 5th GRSS/ISPRS Workshop on Data Fusion and Remote Sensing over Urban Areas (URBAN 2009); The 7th International Urban Remote Sensing Conference (URS 2009) (Shanghai: The Science Hall)


Memberships or Activities in Professional Associations

2011 -present, Member of International Association for Landscape Ecology

2011-present,Climate change adaptation expert team for energy-saving and emission reduction committee of Liaoning province


Advising committee

Zhu Liu (Ph.D. 2009)

Huijuan Dong (Ph.D. 2009)

Hongyan Zhao (M.S. 2010)


Postdoctoral fellows

Xinbei Wang (2009)

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