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Zhu, Jiaojun Curriculum Vitae


2003 - PI of Forest Ecology and Management (Secondary forests and plantation forests), Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2001 - 02 Scholar researcher of Forest Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Niigata University, Niigata, Japan

1990 - 95 Assistant/associate professor researcher, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences



1996 - 01 Ph.D., Biosphere Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Niigata University, Niigata, Japan

1987 - 90  M.S., Graduate School, University of Sciences and Technology, Institute of Applied Ecology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Shenyang, China

1983 - 87 B.S., Forest Science, Department of Forestry, Shenyang Agriculture University, Shenyang, China



2012 The Chief Scientist of National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)

2012 The Leading Distinguished Scientist of Liaoning Province, China

2010 IUFRO Scientific Achievement Award. IUFRO Honors and Awards Committee (IUFRO: International Union of Forest Research Organizations)

2010 National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. National Natural Science Foundation of China

2008 National Award for Progress in Sciences and Technologies, "Management for Protective Forests in North China". National Committee of Sciences & Technologies, China

1998 TWNSO 1998 Award in Agriculture (shared), is awarded to the Shelterbelt Research Group, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang China, for its outstanding work in the planning, design, planting, management and assessment of shelterbelts for desertification control (TWNSO: Third World Network of Scientific Organizations)

1995 Young Scientist Award. Chinese Academy of Sciences



2012 - 16 National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), Structure and Functions of Major Forest Plantation Ecosystems in China. Lead PI, RMB 36,000,000

2011 - 15 Strategic Pioneering Technology Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Carbon sequestration rate and potentials of the Three-North Shelter Forest Programme. PI, RMB 2,200,000

2011 - 14 National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Shelter forest. PI, RMB 2,000,000

2009 - 12 National Natural Science Foundation of China, Mechanism of the natural regeneration of the dominant species in secondary forests acclimating to light, Northeast China. PI, RMB 1,750,000

2008 - 12 National Forestry Public Welfare Program, Key technology for sustainable ecological forest management in Northeast China. Co-PI, RMB 800,000

2006 - 11 Specially Appointed Program of Science and Technology agency, Liaoning Province, Conversation and utilization of the secondary forest and the integration and demonstration of advanced characteristic industry technology in Liaodong. PI, RMB 4,500,000

2007 - 11 Knowledge Innovation Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, The assessment of ecological environment for the Three-North, An Integrated Assessment of Three-North Shelter Forest Program based on remote sensing data. PI, RMB 8,400,000

2004 - 06 Main Direction Program of Knowledge Innovation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, A study of decline mechanisms and sustainable management techniques of the main types of shelterbelts in North China. PI, RMB 2,800,000

2007 - 09 National Natural Science Foundation of China, The effects of snow/wind damage on regeneration and succession in secondary forests. PI, RMB 350,000

2004 - 06 National Natural Science Foundation of China, Effects of vertical structure on the habitats and dominant species regeneration in secondary forests. PI, RMB 190,000

2003 - 08 Supported by 100 Talents Program of The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research on the typical ecological processes and sustainable management in secondary forest ecosystem under disturbances. PI, RMB 2, 430,000



Journal Articles (*corresponding author)

2013 Yan QL Zhu JJ*, Gang Q, Comparison of spatial patterns of soil seed banks between larch plantations and adjacent secondary forests in Northeast China: implication for spatial distribution of larch plantations. Trees - Structure and Function, in press.

2013 Li MC, Zhu JJ*, Zhang M, Foliar carbon isotope discrimination and related traits along light gradients in two different functional type tree species. European Journal of Forest Research, in press.

2013 Zhang M, Zhu JJ*, Li MC, Zhang GQ, Yan QL, Different light acclimation strategies of two coexisting tree species seedlings in a temperate secondary forest along five natural light levels. Forest Ecology and Management, 306: 234–242.

2013 Li MC, Zhu JJ*, Zhang M, Song LN. Foliar δ15N variations with stand ages in temperate secondary forest ecosystems, Northeast China. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research. 28: 428-435.

2013 Yang K, Shi W, Zhu JJ*, The impact of secondary forests conversion into larch plantations on soil chemical and microbiological properties. Plant Soil, 368: 535-546.

2013 Yang K, Guan LZ, Zhu JJ*, Yan, L, Effects of exogenous humic acids on forms of organic phosphorus in three contrasting types of soil. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 44: 1-12.

2013 Zheng X, Zhu JJ*, Yan QL, Monthly air temperatures over Northern China estimated by integrating MODIS data with GIS techniques. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. Doi: 10.1175/JAMC-D-12-0264.1.

2013 Wang RZ, Xu TL, Yu LZ, Zhu JJ*, Li XY, Effects of land use types on surface water quality across an anthropogenic disturbance gradient in the upper reach of the Hun River, Northeast China. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, DOI 10.1007/s10661-012-2856-x, 185 (5): 4141-4151.

2012 Zhang M, Zhu JJ*, Yan QL, Seed Germination of Pinus koraiensis in response to Light Regimes caused by Shading and Seed positions. Forest Systems, 21: 426-438.

2012 Yan QL, Zhu JJ*, Yu LZ, Seed regeneration potential of canopy gaps at early formation stage in temperate secondary forests, Northeast China. PLoS ONE, 7 (6): e39502.

2012 Song LN, Zhu JJ *, Yan QL, Kang HZ, Estimation of groundwater levels with vertical electrical sounding in the semiarid area of South Keerqin sandy aquifer, China. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 83: 11-18.

2012 Yang K, Zhu JJ *, Yan QL, Zhang JX, Soil enzyme activities as potential indicators of soluble organic nitrogen pools in forest ecosystems of Northeast China. Annals of Forest Science, 69: 795-803.

2012 Zheng X, Zhu JJ*, Yan QL, Song LN, Effects of land use changes on the groundwater table and the decline of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica plantations in southern Horqin Sandy Land, Northeast China. Agricultural Water Management, 109: 94-106.

2012 Zhu JJ, Gonda Y, Yu LZ, Li FQ, Yan QL, and Sun YR, Regeneration of a coastal pine (Pinus thunbergii Parl.) forest 11 years after thinning, Niigata, Japan. PLoS ONE, 7(10): e47593.

2011 Yan QL, Zhu JJ*, Hu ZB, and Sun JX, Environmental Impacts of the Shelter Forests in Horqin Sandy Land, Northeast China. Journal of Environmental Quality, 40: 815-24.

2011 Li MC, and Zhu JJ*, Species-specific variation in wood δ13C along vertical canopy gradients and its relationship with leaf δ13C in a temperate secondary forest. Plant Ecology, 212: 543-551.

2011 Wang K, Zhu JJ*, Yan QL, Yu LZ, and Sun YR, Growth and photosynthetic responses of Fraxinus mandshurica seedlings to various light environments. Journal of Forestry Research, 22(3): 341-346.

2010, Yan QL, Zhu JJ*, Zhang JP, Yu LZ, and Hu ZB, Spatial distribution pattern of soil seed bank in canopy gaps of various sizes in temperate secondary forests, Northeast China. Plant and Soil, 329: 469-480.

2010 Yang K, Zhu JJ*, Yan QL, and Sun OJ, Changes of soil P chemistry as affected by conversion of natural secondary forests to larch plantations. Forest Ecology Management, 260: 422-428.

2010 Yang K, Zhu JJ*, Zhang M, Yan QL, and Sun JX, Soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen in forest ecosystems of Northeast China: a comparison between natural secondary forest and larch plantation. Journal of Plant Ecology, 3: 209-217.

2010 Zhu JJ, Yang K, Yan QL, Liu ZG, Yu LZ, and Wang HX, Feasibility of implementing thinning in pure even-aged Larix olgensis plantations to establish uneven aged larch-broadleaved mixed forests. Journal of Forest Research, 15: 70-81.

2009 Zhu JJ, Yan QL, Fan AN, Yang K, and Hu ZB, The role of environmental, root, and microbial biomass characteristics in soil respiration in temperate secondary forests of Northeast China. Trees- structure and function, 23: 189-196.

2009 He LL, Gong ZW, Li JS, and Zhu JJ, Estimation of canopy gap size and gap shape using a hemispherical photograph. Trees-Structure and Function. 23(5): 1101-1108.

2009 Hu LL, and Zhu JJ*, Determination of canopy gap tridimensional profiles using two hemispherical photographs. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 149: 862-872.

2009 Li MC, Zhu JJ*, and Li L, Occurrence and altitudinal pattern of C4 plants on Qinghai plateau, Qinghai province, China. Photosynthettca. 47: 298-303.

2008 Zhu JJ, Liu ZG, Wang HX, and Hu LL, Effects of site preparations on emergence and early establishment of Larix olgensis in montane regions of northeastern China. New Forest, 36(3): 247-260.

2008 Zhu JJ, Li FQ, Xu ML, Kang HZ, and Wu XY, The role of ectomycorrhizal fungi in alleviating pine decline in semiarid sandy soil of northern China: an experimental approach. Annals of Forest Science, 65(3): 304p1-12.

2008 Hu LL, and Zhu JJ* Improving gap light index (GLI) to quickly calculate gap coordinates. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 38(9): 2337-2347.

2008 Zhu JJ, Mao ZH, Zhang CH, Yan QL, and Liu ZG, Effects of thinning on plant species diversity and composition of understory herbs in a larch plantation. Frontiers of Forestry in China, 3(4): 422-428.

2008 Xu ML, Zhu JJ, Kang HZ, Xu AH, Zhang JX, Li and FQ, Optimum conditions for pure culture of major ectomycorrhizal fungi obtained from Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica plantations in southeast-ern Keerqin sandy lands, China. Journal of Forestry Research, 19(2): 113-118.

2007 Zhu JJ*, Kang HZ, and Gonda Y, Application of Wenner configuration to estimate surface soil water content in Mongolian pine plantations on sandy land. Pedosphere17: 801-812.

2007 Zhu JJ, Mao ZH, Hu LL, and Zhang JZ, Plant diversity of secondary forests in response to anthropogenic disturbance levels in montane regions of northeastern China. Journal of ForestResearch12: 403-416.

2007 Wang AZ, Diao YW, Pei TF, Jin CJ, and Zhu JJ, A semi-theoretical model of canopy rainfall interception for a broad-leaved tree. Hydrological Processes21: 2458-2463.

2006 Zhu JJ*, Kang HZ, Tan H, and Xu ML, Effects of drought stresses induced by polythelene glycol on germination of Pinus sylvestiris var mongolica seeds from natural and plantation forests on sandy land. Journal of Forest Research11: 319-328.

2006 Zhu JJ*, Li XF, Liu ZG, Cao W, Gonda Y, and Matsuzaki T, Factors affecting the snow/wind induced damage of a montane secondary forest in Northeastern China. Silva Fennica40: 37-51.

2005 Yan QL, Liu ZM, Zhu JJ, Luo YM, and Wang HM, Structure, pattern and mechanisms of formation of seed banks in sand dune systems in northeastern Inner Mongolia, China. Plant and Soil277: 175-184.

2003 Zhu JJ*, Matsuzaki T, Li FQ, and Gonda Y, Effect of gap size created by thinning on seedling emergency, survival and establishment in a coastal pine forest. Forest Ecology and Management,182: 339-354.

2003 Zhu JJ*, Gonda Y, Matsuzaki T, and Yamamoto M, Modeling relative wind speed by optical stratification porosity within canopy of a coastal protective forest with different stem densities. Silva Fennica37: 189-204.

2003 Zhu JJ*, Matsuzaki T, and Gonda Y, Optical stratification porosity as a measure of vertical canopy structure in a Japanese pine coastal forest. Forest Ecology and Management173: 89-104.

2002 Zhu JJ*, Gonda Y, Matsuzaki T, and Yamamoto M, Salt distribution in response to optical stratification porosity and relative windspeed in a coastal forest in Niigata, Japan.Agroforestry Systems56: 73-85.

2001 Zhu JJ*, Matsuzaki T, and Gonda Y, Wind profiles in a coastal forest of Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergii Parl.) with different thinning intensities. Journal of Forest Research6: 287-296.

2000 Zhu JJ*, Matsuzaki T, and Sakioka K, Wind speeds within a single crown of Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergii). Forest Ecology and Management135: 19-31.


Contributions to Books

2013 Mason B, and Zhu JJ, Silviculture of planted forests managed for multi-functional objectives: lessons from Chinese and British experiences. Fenning, T (ed.), Challenges and opportunities for the world’s forests in the 21st century, Springer.

2007 Zhu JJ, and Liu SR (eds)., Ecological research on forest disturbances. China Forestry Publishing House, Beijing.

2005 Zhu JJ, Zeng DH, Kang HZ, Wu XY, and Fang ZP (eds)., Decline of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica Plantations on Sandy Land. China. Forestry Publishing House, Beijing.

2004 Zhu JJ, Matsuzaki T, and Jiang FQ (eds)., Wind on Tree Windbreaks. China Forestry Publishing House, Beijing, pp 235.

2003 Jang FQ, Zhu JJ, Zeng DH, Fan ZP, Du XJ, and Cao CY (eds)., Mangement for protective plantations, China Forestry Publishing House, Beijing.


Other Publications

Published more than 100 Chinese papers

Published 7 patents. 5 strategic consulting reports were adopted by General Office of the Central Committee and General Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China



Academic Senate Service

2003 - present Committee on Ph.D. Education

2003 - present IAE Academic Committee

2011 - present State Key Laboratory of Forest and Soil Ecology Committee


Service to the College

2003- Fellow of Postgraduate


Service to the University

2003- Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China



Public Lecture or Forum Participation

2013 Science 100 Forum (2013), China

2012 Winter Symposium of China Ecological Forum

2012 China-US Joint Symposium

2012 Annual Conference for Ecological Society of China

2011 The 2nd International Asian Dendrochronological Conference

2011 Forest Ecological Conference for Chinese Society of Forestry

2011 The 5th International Wind and Tree Conference, GA Georgia, USA

2010 The 23th World Forestry Congress, Seoul, Korea

2010 The 4th International Symposium on Phosphorus Dynamics in the Soil-Plant Continuum, ISPSPC 2010

2010 The 19th world conference on soil science

2009 XIII World Forestry Congress

2019 Annual Conference for Ecological Society of China

2009 Spring Symposium of China Ecological Forum

2008 The 6th Workshop of uneven-aged silviculture IUFRO group in Shizuoka

2008 The international Symposium on the protection of Korean pine

2007 Eco-summit, the Ecological society of China, Beijing

2007 International Conference on “Wind and Trees” (IUFRO), Vancouver, UBC, Canada

2007 International Symposium on Ecological Restoration on Degraded Forest Ecosystem and Sustainable Forest Management in Northeast Asia

2006 International Conference on The Roles of Forests in Rural Development and Environmental Sustainability

2006 Annual Conference for Ecological Society of China

2005 The 9th Ecological Congress90th ESA Annual Meeting - Montréal, Canada

2005 International Symposium on Ecological Conservation & Sustainable Development of Forest Resources in Northeastern Asia


Memberships or Activities in Professional Associations

2000 - present, Ecological Society of America member

2005 - present, Ecological Society of China member

2003 - present, Chinese Society of Forestry member


Editorial Services

2012 - present, Editorial Board: Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology

2010 - present, Editorial Board: Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology

2009 - present, Editorial Board: Journal of Forestry Research

2007 - present, Editorial Board: Chinese Journal of Ecology


Review/Referee Grants and Publications

Reviewer for: Journal of Forestry Research, Agricultural Sciences in China, Acta Oecologic, Journal of Plant Ecology, Forest Ecology and Management, Ecological Research, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, Land Degradation & Development, Natural Hazards, Scientific Research and Essays,        Forestry Studies in China, Journal of Mountain Science, Plant and Soil, African Journal of Biotechnology, Forest Science and Technology, Acta Ecologica Sinica, Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry, International Journal of Physical Sciences, Journal Review Services, Journal of Arid Environments, Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, Chinese Journal of Ecology, Scientia Silvae Sinica, Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology, Journal of Beijing Forestry University, Plant Science Journal, Chinese Geographical Science, Scientia Sinica Terrae.



Major advisor

Zhang Guangqi (current, Ph.D. candidate)

Yan Yan (current, Ph.D. candidate)

Zhang Weiwei (current, Ph.D. candidate)

Shang Guduo (current, Ph.D. candidate)

Song Yuan (current, Ph.D. candidate)

Yan Tao (current, M.S. candidate)

Lu Deliang (current, M.S. candidate)

Zheng Xiao (Ph.D. 2013)

Zhang Min (Ph.D. 2012)

Song Lining (Ph.D. 2011)

Wang Kai (Ph.D. 2010)

Yang Kai (Ph.D. 2009)

Hu Lile (Ph.D. 2008)

Fan A’nai (Ph.D. 2007)

Yan Qiaoling (Ph.D. 2007)

Liu Zugen (Ph.D. 2006)

Li Xiufen (Ph.D. 2005)

Xu Tianle (M.S. 2012)

Zhang Caihong (M.S. 2009)

Xi Xingjun (M.S. 2009)

Jiao Xiangli (M.S. 2008)

Tan Hui (M.S. 2007)

Song Li (M.S. 2007)

Mao Zhihong (M.S. 2006)


Postdoctoral fellows

Gao Tian (current)

Li Mingcai (2008)

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