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Zhuang, Jie Curriculum Vitae


2013- Professorof Environmental Studies, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang, China

2012-Research Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA

2007-12 Research Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA

2007- Research Director, Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA

2006- Coordinator and Managing Director, China-US Joint Research Center for Ecosystem and Environmental Change, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA

2003-07 Research Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA

2000-03 Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, USA

1998-00 Research Fellow of Japan Society of Promotion for Sciences (JSPS), Chiba University and The University of Tokyo, Japan

1996-98 Associate Professor, Shenyang Agricultural University, Shenyang, China

1993-96 Lecturer, Shenyang Agricultural University, Shenyang, China



1993Ph.D., Soil Science, Shenyang Agricultural University, China

1990M.S.,Soil Science, Shenyang Agricultural University, China

1987B.S., Soil Science andAgrochemistry, Shenyang Agricultural University, China



2011 Certificate of Appreciation, ACS Publications

2009-12Honorary Professor: Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shenyang, China

2008-11Overseas Member: Chinese Academy of Sciences International Partnership Project “Watershed Processes and Modeling”, Xi’An, China

2005-07Adjunct Professor: Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China



2012-14 U.S. National Science Foundation, Self-Protection of Organic Carbon in Soil Pores under Organic Agricultural Practices $100,000

2012-13 U.S. National Geographic Society, Purification of Small-Scale Stagnated Water in Urban Regions: Using Self-Driven Water-Circulating Ecological Treatment System and Suspended Wetland$48,500

2009-11 U.S. National Science Foundation, Workshop of Climate-Energy Nexus$49,650

2009-11 U.S. Department of Energy, Workshop of Climate-Energy Nexus $48,500

2008-10 U.S. Army and Tetra Tech Incorporation, Bench-Scale Treatability Study for The North and South TNT Manufacturing Valley Groundwater Investigation $149,000

2008-09 U.S. National Science Foundation, Bioenergy Consequences for Global Environmental Change $49,950

2007-12 Research Partnership Initiative of University of Tennessee $490,000

2005-08 National Research Initiative of U.S. Department of Agriculture, Visualization and Quantification of Bacterial Transport in Sand under Steady and Transient Flow Conditions $300,000

2003-07 U.S. Department of Energy, Colloid-Facilitated Transport of Radionuclides through the Vadose Zone $350,000

2003-07 U.S. National Science Foundation, The Physical and Chemical Mechanisms Responsible for Carbon Sequestration in Soil Microaggregates $250,000



Journal Articles

2013 Shi,W.J., J. Zhuang, T. Xu, C. Beasley, S. Ripp, F.M. Menn, A.C. Layton, G.S.Sayler, C60 reduces the bioavailability of mercury in aqueous solutions. Chemospheredoi:10.1016/j.chemosphere.2013.09.027

2013 Guo, T.L., Q.J. Wang, D.Q. Li, J. Zhuang, L.S. Wu, Flow hydraulic characteristic effect on sediment and solute transport on slope erosion. Catena 107, 145-153.

2013Yang,Y.F., Q.J. Wang, J.Zhuang, Estimating hydraulic parameters of stony soils on the basis of one-dimensional water absorption properties,ActaAgriculturaeScandinavica Section B - Soil and Plant Science63(4), 304-313.

2013Guo,T.L., Q.J. Wang, W.J.Bai, J.Zhuang, Effect of land use on scouring flow hydraulics and transport of soil solute in erosion,Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 18(4), 465-473.

2012Knappett,P.S., L.D. McKay, A. Layton, D.E. Williams, Md. J. Alam, Md.R. Huq, J.Mey, J.E. Feighery, P.J. Culligan, B.J. Mailloux, J.Zhuang, V. Escamilla, M.Emch, E. Perfect, G.S. Sayler, K. M. Ahmed, A. van Geen, Implications of fecal bacteria input from latrine-polluted ponds for wells in sandy aquifers,Environmental Science and Technology 46(3), 1361-1370.

2012Dai,Y.S., S.H.Baek, A. Garcia-Diaz, B.Yang, Kwok-Leung Tsui, J.Zhuang, An enhanced engineering perspective of global climate systems and statistical formulation of terrestrial CO2 exchanges,Theoretical and Applied Climatology 107(3-4), 347-359.

2011Zhang,M., G.R. Yu, J.Zhuang, R. W. Gentry, Y.L. Fu, X.M. Sun, L.M. Zhang, X.F. Wen, Q.F. Wang, S.J.Han, J.H. Yan, Y.P. Zhang, Y.F. Wang, Y.N. Li, Effects of cloudiness change on net ecosystem exchange, light use efficiency, and water use efficiency in typical ecosystems of China, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 151(7), 803-816.

2011He,H.B., W. Zhang, X.D. Zhang, H.T.Xie, J.Zhuang, Temporal responses of soil microorganisms to substrate addition as indicated by amino sugar differentiation,Soil Biology and Biochemistry43, 1155-1161.

2010Wei,X.R., M.A. Shao, J.Zhuang, R. Horton, Soil iron fractionation and availability at selected landscape positions in a loessial gully region of northwestern China,Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 56(4), 617-626.

2010Zhuang, J., R.W. Gentry, G.R. Yu, G.S. Sayler, J.W. Bickham, Bioenergy sustainability in China: potential and impacts,Environmental Management 46(4), 525-530.

2010Yu,G.R., Z.M.Zheng, Q.F. Wang, Y.L. Fu, J.Zhuang, X.M. Sun, Y.S. Wang, Spatiotemporal pattern of soil respiration of terrestrial ecosystems in China: the development of a geostatistical model and its simulation,Environmental Science and Technology 44(16), 6074-6080.

2010Guo,T.L., Q.J. Wang, D.Q. Li, J.Zhuang, Effect of surface stone cover on sediment and solute transport on the slope of fallow land in the semi-arid loess region of northwestern China,Journal of Soils and Sediments 10(6), 1200-1208.

2010Zhuang, J., J.F. McCarthy, E. Perfect, Organic matter preservation due to pore-scale interactions between organic matter and water in soil microaggregates,Geochimica et CosmochimicaActa 74(12) Suppl.1, A1235.

2010Gentry,R.W., G.S. Sayler, J.Zhuang, Towards Sustainable Cellulosic Bioenergy,Journal of Resources and Ecology 1(2), 117-122.

2010Zhuang, J., N.Goeppert, C.Tu, J.F McCarthy, E. Perfect, L.D. McKay, Colloid transport with wetting fronts: interactive effects of solution surface tension and ionic strength,Water Research44, 1270-1278.

2010Stewart,N., L.Shugart, G.S. Liu, J. Zhuang, Y.Q. Ma, G. A. Tuskan, R.Meilan, R. W. Gentry, G. S. Sayler, China-US workshop on biotechnology of bioenergy plants,Ecotoxicology 19, 1-3.

2009Zhuang, J., J. Tyner, E. Perfect, The coupled effect of flux rate and ionic strength on transport of colloid through porous media under unsaturated transient flow condition,Journal of Hydrology377, 112-119.

2009Zhao,P.P., M.A. Shao, J.Zhuang, Fractal features of particle size redistributions of deposited soils on the dam farmland,Soil Science 174(7), 403-407.

2008Knappett, P., M. B. Emelko, J.Zhuang, L. D. McKay, Transport and retention of a bacteriophage and microspheres in saturated porous media: effects of ionic strength and grain size,Water Research 42(16), 4368-4378.

2008McCarthy,J. F., J.Ilavsky, J. D. Jastrow, L. M. Mayer, E. Perfect, J.Zhuang, Protection of organic carbon in soil microaggregates occurs via restructuring of aggregate porosity and filling of pores with accumulating organic matter,Geochimica et CosmochimicaActa 72, 4725-4744.

2008Shang,J.Y., M.Flury, G. Chen, J.Zhuang, Impact of flow rate, water content, and capillary forces on in situ colloid mobilization during infiltration in unsaturated sediments,Water Resources Research 44, W06411.

2008Zhuang, J., Y. Jin, Interactions between virus and goethite during saturated flow: effects of solution pH, carbonate, and phosphate,Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 98(1-2), 15-21.

2008Kenst,A., E. Perfect, S. Wilhelm, J.Zhuang, J. McCarthy, L. McKay, Virus transport during infiltration of a wetting front into initially unsaturated sand columns,Environmental Science and Technology 42(4), 1102-1108.

2008Zhuang, J., J. F. McCarthy, E. Perfect, L. M. Mayer, J. D. Jastrow, Soil water hysteresis in water-stable microaggregates as affected by organic matter,Soil Science Society of America Journal 72(1), 72(1), 212-220.

2007Zhuang, J., J.F. McCarthy, E. Perfect, J. Tyner, M.Flury, In-situ colloid mobilization in Hanford sediments under unsaturated transient flow condition: effect of irrigation pattern,Environmental Science and Technology 41(9), 3199-3204.

2007Yu, G.R., J.Zhuang, K. Nakayama, Y. Jin, Root water uptake and soil water profile as affected by rooting depth and root clustering,Plant Ecology 189(1), 15-30.

2005Zhuang, J., J. Qi, Y. Jin, Retention and transport of amphiphilic colloids under unsaturated flow conditions: effect of particle size and surface properties,Environmental Science and Technology39(20), 7853-7859.

2004Yu, G.R., Q.F. Wang, J.Zhuang, Modeling the water use efficiency of soybean and maize plants under environmental stresses: application of a synthetic model of photosythesis-transpiration based on stomatal behavior,Journal of Plant Physiology 161(3), 303-318.

2004Zhuang, J., Y. Jin, M.Flury, Comparison of Hanford colloid and kaolinite transport in porous media,Vadose Zone Journal 3(2), 395-402.

2003You,Y.W., G. F. Vance, D. L. Sparks, J.Zhuang, Y. Jin, Sorption of MS2 bacteriophage to layered double hydroxides: Effect of retention time, pH, and competing anions,Journal of Environmental Quality 32(6), 2046-2053.

2003Zhuang, J., M.Flury, Y. Jin, Colloid-facilitated cesium transport through water-saturated Hanford sediment and Ottawa sand,Environmental Science and Technology 37(21), 4905-4911.

2003Yu, G.R., T. Kobayashi, J.Zhuang, Q.F. Wang, L.Q.Qu, A coupled model of photosynthesis-transpiration based on the stomatal behavior for maize (Zea mays L.) grown in the field,Plant and Soil 249(2), 401-415.

2003Zhuang, J., Y. Jin, Virus retention and transport as affected by different forms of soil organic matter,Journal of Environmental Quality 32(3), 816-823.

2003Zhuang, J., Y. Jin, Virus retention and transport in Al-oxide coated sand columns,Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 60(3-4), 193-209.

2002Zhuang, J., G.R. Yu, Effects of surface coatings on electrochemical properties and contaminant sorption of clay minerals,Chemosphere 49(6), 619-628.

2001Zhuang, J., G.R. Yu, K. Nakayama, Scaling of root length density of maize in the field profile,Plant and Soil 235 (2), 135-142.

2001Yu, G.R., J.Zhuang, Z.L. Yu, An attempt to establish a synthetic model of photosynthesis-transpiration based on stomatal behavior for maize and soybean plants grown in field,Journal of Plant Physiology 158(7), 861-874.

2001Zhuang, J., Y. Jin, T. Miyazaki, Estimating water retention characteristic from soil particle-size distribution using a non-similar media concept,Soil Science 166(5), 308-321.

2001Zhuang, J., K. Nakayama, G.R. Yu, T.Urushisaki, Estimation of root water uptake of maize: An ecophysiological perspective,Field Crops Research 69(3), 201-213.

2001 Zhuang, J., K. Nakayama, G.R. Yu, T. Miyazaki, Predicting unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of soil based on some basic soil properties,Soil and Tillage Research 59(3-4), 143-154.

2000Zhuang, J., K. Nakayama, G.R. Yu, T. Miyazaki, Scaling of soil saturated hydraulic conductivity: a comparison of models,Soil Science 165 (9), 718-727.

2000Zhuang,J., G.R. Yu, X.Y. Liu, Characteristics of lead sorption on clay minerals in relation to metal oxide,Pedosphere10(1), 11-20.

2000Zhuang,J., G.R. Yu, K. Nakayama, T.Urushisaki, Environmental dependence of sap flow of maize,The Tech. Bull. Fac. Hort., Chiba Univ. 54, 53-64.

1999Zhuang, J., G.R. Yu, T.Miyazaki, K. Nakayama, Modeling effect of compaction on soil hydraulic properties: A NSMC scaling method for saturated hydraulic conductivity,Advances in GeoEcology 32, 144-153.


Contributions to Books

2011 Zhuang, J., R. W. Gentry, Environmental application and risks of nanotechnology: A balanced view. In S. Ripp and T. B. Henry (ed.), Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Risk Assessment: Minding and Managing the Potential Threats around Us.American Chemical Society, Washington, DC pp.41-67.

2010Zhuang,J., G.R. Yu, Bioenergy in China: A grand challenge for economic and environmental sustainability. In: R. Ragaini (ed.) Proc. of International Seminar on Nuclear War and Planetary Emergencies 42 Session". Erice, Italy, World Scientific, pp. 387-396.

2002Jin,Y., J.Zhuang, M.Flury, Colloid-facilitated cesium transport through water-saturated Hanford sediment and Ottawa sand. In: Proc. of the International Workshop on "Colloids and Colloid-facilitated Transport of Contaminants in Soils and Sediments". Tjele, Denmark. In: de Jonge, L.W., Moldrup, P. & Jacobsen, O.H. (eds.), “Colloids and colloid-facilitated transport of contaminants in soils and sediments”, DIAS report-Plant Production 80, pp. 165-172.

2000Zhuang, J., K. Nakayama, G.R. Yu, T. Miyazaki, Modeling of soil hydraulic conductivity: an approach of non-similar media concept. In: Proc. of The Second International Conference of Geospatial Information of Agriculture and Forestry, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, pp. II 159-166.

2000Yu,G.R., T. Miwa, J.Zhuang, K. Nakayama. Spectral Characteristic of plant leaves under environmental stresses. In: Proc. of The Second International Conference of Geospatial Information of Agriculture and Forestry, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, pp. II 42-49.

1992Zhuang, J.,X.Y. Liu, Effects of magnetic field on soil hydroscopicity and its thermodynamic functions (in Chinese). In: "The Properties and Utilization of Soil Resources" (eds. X.L. Li and F.S. Zhang), pp. 98-104. Press of Beijing Agricultural University.



Public Lecture or Forum Participation

2013March “Bioenergy development and environmental sustainability: a bioeconomy vision”. Development Research Center of State Council of China, Beijing, China

2013March “International development trend of resources and environmental sciences”. Shenyang Agricultural University, Shenyang, China

2013June “Colloid transport in partially saturated porous media”. Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

2013July “Carbon fluxes in soil: long-term sequestration in deeper horizons”. Jilin Normal University, Siping, China

2012 September “Effect of water content and soil properties on virus transport”. Northeast Normal University, Changchun, China


Papers Presented at Professional Meetings

2013 With M. Zhang, G.R. Yu, S. Koirala, R.W. Gentry, L.M. Zhang, X.M. Sun, S.J. Han, J.H. Yan.“Multi-temporal scale analysis of environmental control on net ecosystem exchange of CO2 in forest ecosystems”. 2013 Geosciences Union General Assembly

2013July, “Virus transport in unsaturated soil”. The 13rd Young Scientist Workshop of the Soil Science Society of ChinaINVITED

2013 With J. Ilavsky, X.D. Zhang, X.Y. Zhang, J.F. McCarthy. “Encapsulation of organic carbon in fine scale pores under different agricultural practices”. ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting

2012 With W.J. Shi, T.T.Xu, C. Beasley, S.Ripp, A.C. Layton, F.M.Menn, G.S.Sayler. C60 fullerenes reduces mercury bioavailability in aqueous solutions. 2012 Regional Meeting of American Society for Microbiology

2012“Retention and transport of viruses in porous media”. China-US Symposium on Land Use, Ecosystem Services, and Sustainable DevelopmentINVITED

2010“Organic matter preservation due to pore-scale interactions between organic matter and water in soil microaggregates”. GoldschmidtINVITED

2010“A non-steady state simulation of root water uptake”. The International Workshop on Water-Saving Modern Agriculture in an Oasis of Arid RegionINVITED

2010“Transport of Colloid-Associated contaminants in porous media”. China-US Workshop on “Sustainable Management of Soil and Water ResourcesINVITED

2010“Colloid transport and mobilization under transient unsaturated flow conditions”. China-US Workshop on Energy, Ecosystem, and Environmental ChangeINVITED

2009With G.R. Yu. “Bioenergy in China: A grand challenge for economic and environmental sustainability”. International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies: Energy Permanent Monitoring Panel (More than 20 Nobel Laureates attended)INVITED

2009With L. McKay and E. Perfect. “Colloid transport with advancing wetting fronts in sand: effects of solution ionic strength and surface tension”. The First International Conference on Microbial Transport and Survival in Porous MediaINVITED

2008 With J.F. McCarthy. “Bioenergy Production Drives Carbon Storage and Protection in Degraded Soils”.Proceedings of the China-US Joint Workshop on Bioenergy Consequences for Global Environmental Change

2008“Retention and Transport of Viruses in Porous media”. 2008 Ground Water Summit

2007“Colloid and colloid-facilitated radionuclides transport in natural sediments”. The 4th International Symposium on Persistent Toxic SubstancesINVITED


Memberships or Activities in Professional Associations

2010-present, The Geochemical Society member

2000-present,American Society of Agronomy member

2000-present, Soil Science Society of Americamember


Editorial Services

2013 Guest Editor:Special Feature of Environmental Management “Sustainability of Bioenergy Systems: Cradle to Grave” (2013, Vol.51, Issue 2)

2012-present Editorial Board:IRSN Environmental Chemistry (published by Hindawi Publishing Corp.)

2010-present Editorial Board:Journal of Resources and Ecology (published by Science Press, China)

2010 Guest Editor:Special Issue of Environmental Management “Bioenergy Potential and Impacts in China” (2010, Vol. 46, Issue 4)

2009-present Editorial Board: Ecotoxicology (published by Springer)

2008-presentEditorial Board: Environmental Management (published by Springer)

2004-present Editorial Board:Pedosphere (published by Elsevier)


Review/Referee Grants and Publications

2012-13 Member of International Soil Science Award Committee

Reviewer for 42 International Journals:Environ. Sci. & Technol., Water Resour. Res., Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., J. Environ. Quality, J. Hydrol., Soil Biol. Biochem., J. Colloid and Interface Sci.,       J.Contam.Hydrol.,European J. Soil Sci., Transport in Porous Media  Water Res.,J. Soil and Sediments, Environ. Management, Hydrogeology J., Soil Sci., J. Environ. Sci.,Hydrol. Processes,         Vadose Zone J., Agri. Forest Meteorology, J. Hydrologic Engin.,Archives Agron. & Soil Sci., Environ. Engineering Sci., Ground Water,J. Resources Ecology,Environ. Technology, Biomass & Bioenergy, Geoderma, Ecotoxicology,Chemosphere,Pedosphere, Global Change Biology,           ActaEcologicaSinica, Theor.& Appl. Climatol., J. Hazardous Materials, Intl. J. Environ. Pollu.,          Land Degradation & Development, Clean-Soil, Air, Water, Plan and Soil   , Sustain. Energy Technol. Assessment, Plant Biosystems, J. Hydro-Environ. Res., Catena

Panelist: U.S. National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Agriculture

Ad Hoc Reviewer: Hydrology Program and Environmental Sustainability Program, U.S. National Science Foundation


Other Outside Professional Activities

2013 Coordinator and Organizing Committee, China-U.S. Joint Workshop on Land Use Change: An Opportunity for Agricultural Sustainability, Shenyang, China, Dec.

2013         Coordinator and Organizing Committee, China-U.S. Joint Symposium on Environmental Health and Green Development, Knoxville, TN, USA, Nov.

2013 Coordinator and Organizing Committee, China-U.S. Joint Workshop of Carbon and Nitrogen Biogeochemistry, Shenyang, China, June

2013Coordinator and Organizing Committee, China-U.S. Joint Forum on Frontiers in Environmental Research, Nanjing, China, June

2013 Coordinator and Organizing Committee, China-U.S. Joint Forum on Environmental Health and Biotechnology, Nanjing, China, May

2013Coordinator and Organizing Committee, China-U.S. Joint Workshop on Systems Biology for Environmental Sustainability, Shenyang, China, May

2013Coordinator and Organizing Committee, China-U.S. Joint Forum on Ecology and Environmental Remediation, Beijing, China, May

2012         Coordinator and Organizing Committee, China-U.S. Joint Symposium on Land Use, Ecosystem Services, and Sustainable Development, Shenyang, China, Sept.

2012Coordinator, China-U.S. Session of the 22nd Tennessee Water Resources Symposium, Burns, TN, April

2011Organizing Committee, China-U.S. Symposium on Global Sustainability Issues in Energy, Climate, Water and Environment, West Lafayette, IN, Sept.

2010Coordinator and Organizing Committee, China-U.S. Workshop on Energy, Ecosystem, and Environmental Change, Beijing, China, Sept.

2010Coordinator and Organizing Committee, China-U.S. Workshop on Sustainable Management of Soil and Water Resources, Shenyang, China, Jan.

2009Coordinator and Organizing Committee, China-U.S. Workshop on Biotechnology of Energy Plants, Knoxville, TN, Nov.

2009Coordinator and Organizing Committee, NSF- and DOE-sponsored China-U.S. Workshop on Climate-Energy Nexus, Oak Ridge, TN, Nov.

2008Coordinator and Organizing Committee, NSF-sponsored China-U.S. Workshop on Bioenergy Consequences for Global Environmental Change, Beijing, China, Oct.

2008Moderator, Session of Detection, Occurrence and Transport of Fecal Microorganisms and Surrogates in Hydrologic Systems, 2008 Groundwater Summit, Memphis, TN, March -April

2007Coordinator and Organizing Committee, China-U.S. Workshop on Environmental Aspects of Bioenergy Production and Sustainability, Knoxville, Tennessee, Sept.



Major advisor

Qin Qin (current Ph.D)

Bing-Xing Wu (current Master)

KennaRewcastle (current B.S.)

Imani Chatman (current B.S.)

ChingTu (2009 Master, University of Tennessee)


Advising committee

Andrew C. Sherfy (current Ph.D, University of Tennessee)

Terri Brown (2009 Master, University of Tennessee)

Andrew B. Kenst (2008 Master, University of Tennessee)

Peter S. Knappett (2010 Ph.D, University of Tennessee)


Postdoctoral fellows

Goeppert N. (2006)


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