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Advancement in Inventory of Forest Plant Germplasm Resources in Northeast China

The project Inventory of Forest Plant Germplasm Resources in Northeast China, managed by Prof Shijie Han in our institute, passed the “check and Acceptance” procedure performed by the specialist group led by academician Yiyu Chen. The project was supported by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. 

Northeast Forest area is the biggest natural forest area in china. I The area has richest plant germplasm resources in the same latitudes. Since middle 18 century, botanists, domestic and foreners, have investigated plant resources in this area at various extent. However, systematic inventory for the whole area has never been done. The project was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, coordinated by IAE, participated by Northeast Forestry University and North China University, approved in 2007, started from 2008. The project organized 14 inventory teams and 60 thousands field working days, 25000 herbaria and 20000 plant germplasm materials were collected. 

One thousand nine hundred and forty vascular plant species were recorded in 645 genera and 136families. The number of species is 83.44% of that recorded in the last 150 years. Environment conditions and geographical distributions for all species also recorded. Two new species and 1 new variety were reported. One species was newly recorded in china. 

Collections of Colored illustration plats were edited for Daxingnling, Xiaoxinganling and Changbai Mountains.  

The situation of germplasm resources for forest thoroughbred bases is made clear. The consequences of long term forest felling, economic activities under forest canopy and road construction in the area on the loss of plant germplasm resources and related environment for plant survival and especially on the ability of National Natural reserves in preserving plant genetic biodiversity. Data sharing platform based on Web GIS technology has been constructed where dynamic basic data are available. Suggestions on measures in preservation of plant germplasm resources, especially rare and endangered species and prevention of invading plant were made. The project also stabilized local teams in plant taxonomist. 

The specialists in the check and acceptance group all agreed that the tasks and goals in the project has been well accomplished, data are full and accurate with rich achievement. The specialist group marked the work as “excellent”. 

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