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State Special Forestry Research Project-Kerqin Sandy Land Vegetation Assembly Patterns and Ecological Protective Systems-Passed the Check and Accept

The Check and Acceptance for the special forestry research projects was organized by Science and Technology Department, State Forestry Administration on 11-12 June, 2015. The project: Kerqin Sandy Land Vegetation Assembly Patterns And Ecological Protective Systems, chaired by Prof Deming  Jiang, passed the Check And Acceptance by the specialist groups in terms of forestry and finance.  The members of the group heard the technical report given by Prof Deming Jiang, made inquiries and discussions. All agreed that the tasks and goals were accomplished, valuable research achievements were got and their demonstration effects have been shown. The found appropriation and expenditure were rational, the demonstration area is integrated. The Optimized Patterns For Directional Amelioration of Degraded Kerqin Sandy Land  were recognized as a research achievement.

The special project was approved in 2010. Northeast University, Liaoning Sandy Land Fixation and Forestation Institute and Forestry Bureau of Ongniod Banner, Inner Mongolia also participated in the project. The project took Wulanaudu research station of our institute as technical support station. After 5 years research, experimentation and demonstration base construction, 4  optimized sand-fixing vegetation patterns based on water balance estimation, 3 patterns for fast vegetation recover on moving sand dunes, 2 patterns in degenerated grassland amelioration were put forward. Four tree species adaptive to the local environment were screened or introduced and related rapid propagation techs were established. Two patterns for safe living environment, cropland and pasture ecologically protective systems were established. Three hundred hectares demonstration area for sandy land recover and reconstruction were set where the vegetation coverage was 20% higher, the grass production is 120-290% higher than before .Eleven papers were published, 2 patents were licensed and 2 innovation awards were got.


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