Visitor from Botanic Garden Conservation International

Release Time:2017-05-24 Big Small

Since IAE CAS has assumed the sub-project Full Coverage Native Plant Conservation  in the project Construction of China’s Botanic Garden Alliance(KFJ-1W-NO1), Shenyang Arboretum, associated with Shenyang Botanic garden, Xiongyue Botanic Garden, Dalian Yinggeshi Botanic Garden, Baishilazi Natural Reserve, has developed investigation on plant distribution and dangers to plants. To better develop the work on endangered plant conservation, tiny population conservation and recurrence and learn the international new development, Shenyang Arboretum invited the director of China Office for Botanic Garden Conservation International (BGCI)  WEN Xiangying to IAE, give seminar and exchange idea. Deputy Director of Shenyang Arboretum, Prof CHEN Wei attended the activities.

Ms WEN Xiangying introduced how to rescue endangered trees and strategy of global trees campaign taking the integrated conservation of genetic diversity of Parakmeria omeiensis as example, to illustrate the conservation and recurrence of tiny population. She also gave suggestions on BGCI project application and protection of Taxus cuspidate. The host introduced the background and research work of Shenyang Arboretum to Ms WEN.

BGCI is a global authority of botanic garden and plant conservation and biggest organization devoted to the conservation of plant diversity. It has more than 700 botanic garden members from 118 countries. BGCI devotes to conservation of endangered plants and their habitats, strengthen Capability construction of botanic gardens in management and plant conservation, encourage more people join the work for plant conservation and protect the health of human and the earth.