National Key Research and Development Program on Biodegradation of Toxi...

On July 3, 2018, the progress reporting seminar of the 2nd project (“Key Technology and Product Development for Biodegradation of Toxic and Hazard... [detail]

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Electrokinetic (EK) remediation technology is a method of remediating heavy-metal contaminated soil by applying a low-density direct current across the soil. The EK process main... [detail]
Mammalian herbivores (e.g. cattle, sheep, deer, rabbits) can affect plant diversity, vegetation structure and ecosystem productivity. The changes in vegetation characteristics m... [detail]
Human activities have led to a continuous decline in the number of animal populations on a global scale. The impact of herbivores on plants has thus received increasing scholarl... [detail]
In high-altitude temperate forests, freeze-thaw cycles damage the hydraulic transport function of woody species by inducing embolisms in xylem conduits. Winter embolism may have... [detail]