Seminar on Soil Physics and Sustainable Use of Water/ Soil Resources an...

The seminars held on 3 - 6 August , 2017 in Shenyang were hosted by Professional Committee of Soil Physics , Soil Science Society of China , cooper... [detail]

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The phyto-remediation of soil polluted by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons ( PAHs ) depends on plant-microbe interactions in the rhizosphere .And would promote the further devel... [detail]
Rhizosphere Priming Effect is defined as phenomenon of changes in decomposition rate of soil organic matter by the activity of rhizosphere .The research results were controversi... [detail]
Soil microbes play important roles in regulating bio - geo chemical process and functions of ecosystem .Existed research was concentrated in 0 - 20cm soil profile and few work c... [detail]
Angiosperms originally evolved in moist and shady habitats , but later spread to other ecosystems as the climatic started to be drier and/or colder .Understanding the changes in... [detail]