National Key R&D Program Promotion Conference Held at IAE

From January 16th to 17th, 2021, the annual summary & promotion conference of the National Key R&D Program "Integrated Technology and Intelligent E... [detail]

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The mechanism of soil carbon turnover and sequestration is a hot and difficult point in carbon biogeochemical cycling research. The improvement of soil carbo... [detail]
Phosphorus is a limiting nutrient affecting the primary productivity of terrestrial ecosystems. In semi-arid grasslands, soil phosphorus mainly exists in the... [detail]
The researchers (Associate Prof. Wang Ruzhen, Prof. Jiang Yong and Ph.D. student WU Hui) found that there was a significant correlation between plant charact... [detail]
Soil total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) pollution in oiled fields is a worldwide environmental problem. Accumulati... [detail]