Dr. MI Lei Gives a Talk on Scientific and Technological Innovation and ...

On August 30, 2018, the 7th Young Scholars Salon, co-sponsored by the Youth Innovation Promotion Association, the Regional Low-Carbon Development R... [detail]

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Decomposition of plant roots and associated fungal mutualists is a dominant process in ecosystem carbon cycles, yet is woefully understudied compared to decomposition of leaf li... [detail]
Dr. LU Caiyan, a researcher of Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, evaluated the effects of N inputs rate and maize straw amendment on the transformation ... [detail]
Although chemical-flooding technologies well improve oil recovery, the subsequent produced fluid treatment is difficult, and the used chemicals may pollute the environment. Micr... [detail]
Urbanization is a worldwide phenomenon, with population density continuing to grow and urban area to expand. Urban sprawl inevitably leads to non-urban land being converted to b... [detail]