Visitation of Prof CAI Xiyun from Dalian University of Technology

On 2 November 2017 , invited by the director of Center of Bio-resources and Bio-technology , the leader of Microorganism Resources and Ecology , Pr... [detail]

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Increasing atmospheric nitrogen ( N ) deposition-induced soil acidification has been an increasing global threat to terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystem functioning .Chronic N... [detail]
Since the industrial revolution , the need to serial and meat has increased along with the increase in the global population .While the use of nitrogen fertilizers significantly... [detail]
Soil is an important carbon pool in terrestrial eco-systems , even its tiny change may promotethe increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration and thus affect the bio-geo chemical ... [detail]
Litter decomposition is an important ecological process in global carbon ( C ) and nitrogen ( N ) cycling in terrestrial ecosystems , which is crucial for nutrient cycling and a... [detail]