International Workshop on Ecosystem N cycling under Climate Change Held...

On 6-7 March, 2018, the workshop was held in IAE. The workshop was hosted by the CAS Key Lab of Forest Ecology and Management. About 60 persons att... [detail]

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Freeze-thaw cycle is ubiquitous phenomenon at high elevations and temperate zone. On North-hemisphere, 55% terrestrial area experienced seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. [detail]
Ongoing global environmental variations have triggered productive research aiming to explore the changes in ecosystem functions. [detail]
Soil organic matter is one of the important carbon pools in terrestrial ecosystem. Its tiny change may alter the variation in the concentration of greenhouse gases and then the ... [detail]
As the main part of terrestrial biosphere, forest ecosystems play an important role for the global regulation of carbon, a substantialportion of which is maintained in above-gro... [detail]