Research Progress

Biodiversity Facilitates Intra-specific Nutrient Conservation

Biodiversity is the basis for many fundamental ecological services. The anthropogenic-driven decline of global biodiversity is accelerating, raising concerns about the reduction and unsustainable o...

How Does Poplar Respond and Adapt to Co-stresses of Ozone and Metal Heavy?

Soil contamination and air pollution are currently two of global environmental problems that threat human health and terrestrial ecosystem.

Response and Interaction of Autochthonous Soil Viruses and Bacteria Driven by Nitrogen Fertilizer

Dynamics of bacterial and viral communities in paddy soil with irrigation and urea application.

Researchers estimate the spatiotemporal patterns of carbon storage in forest ecosystems

As the biggest carbon pool in terrestrial ecosystems, forest ecosystems play an important role in carbon sequestration to mitigate global climate change and significantly contribute to the global c...

Scientists Show How Nitrogen Deposition Affects Plant Community Nutrient Status

Grasslands play an important role in global nutrient cycling. Plant nutrient status is important controller for several fundamental ecological processes and could provide key scientific guidance fo...