Research Progress

Divergent Growth Responses to Warming and Drying Climates between Native and Non Native Tree Spec...

Climate change significantly affects forest ecosystems. However, little is known about whether non-native and native tree species show similar responses to global warming.

Researchers Uncover Physiological Mechanisms Determining High Productivity Characteristics of Com...

The vast variety of leaf morphology are important manifestation of plant functional diversity, and simple- and compound-leaf forms are prominent traits of leaf morphology of trees.

Seed Burial During Wind Dispersal

Soil seed bank, as the basis of all vegetation processes, can provide diaspores for population maintenance and community assembly. bv

Scientists Reveal Relationship Between Root Distribution of Mongolian Pine and Soil Moisture

Mongolian pine is widely planted in arid and semi-arid regions, and serves as an important wind control and sand fixation species.

Survival Strategies and Phenotypic Responses of Bud Bank Indicate Vegetation Population Regeneration

Vegetation restoration in sand dune ecosystems has drawn increasing attention during the past few decades. Wind erosion, sand burial and water stress are the most important abiotic factors in sand ...