Dr Feike A Dijkstra from Sidney University Visited Shenyang Ecological Research Station

Release Time:2017-07-14 Big Small

Recently, invited by the Research Group of Below-ground Ecological Process, DrFeike A Dijkstra visited the station and gave suggestions on the experiments developed in the station. First, Prof WANG Peng introduced the construction of 2 growth chamber with usable area 15m2. The chambers has been checked and accepted. After pilot run, experiment on the carbon sink effects on the background of global climate change will be designed. Dr Feike supposed that the chamber has closed to or reached internationally advanced level. The advantage is that the chamber can fully use isotope technology in the research on below-ground ecological process and related mechanism and suggested the research results would be accepted by high-level periodicals. He also gave suggestions on the temperature and lightcontrol and selections of CO2 gas. He suggested use natural light as much as possible in the experiment and use artificial light as aided source. The control of temperature is the key point and it request highly accurate control on the capacity and serving life span of air conditioner. Light shading may be used in the temperature control. The control of CO2 concentration may be realized by high power compressor. Prof WANG Ming expressed that the suggestions will be considered seriously and invited DrFeike join the experiment design. Dr Feike accepted the invitation and expressed full confidence for the coming cooperation.

Prof WANG Ming introduced the advancement and problems in the experiment in OTC. The experiment stressed on the priming effect of rhizosphere related to increased CO2 concentration and nitrogen deposition. The work has got support from NNSFC. WANG also introduced the research content and experiment design of special project on soil biome. Dr Feike had discussions with the workers in the research group and gave suggestions to their work.