Visitation of Prof Kent Burkey from USDA and Dr REN Shuying, the department head of Ecology , Hunan Agricultural University

Release Time:2017-07-19 Big Small

Invited by Associate Prof XU Sheng in Urban Ecology research Group, Plant physiologist working  in USDA and North Carolina State University , Prof Kent Burkey and Associate Prof REN Shuying visited IAE and gave seminars on 19-22,2017.

Prof XU Sheng introduced the development and research achievements of IAE and the Urban Ecology Research Group, especially the advancement in the effect of climate change on trees in urban area . Prof Burkey gave seminar entitled as Bioindicator Plants and Protective Chemicals for Assessing O3 Effects on Crops Production and Quality, introduced the use of bioindicator plants for (sensitive to) O3 pollution and protective chemical EDU (ethlenediurea) and related mechanisms. Dr YANG Shuying gave seminar entitled as Local Scented Rice Cultivars and Mechanisms of Aroma. She introduced the interesting results in her research. Workers and Graduate students in the research group and other groups attended the academic exchange and all agreed that long-term field observation, O3 indicator plant screening and optimizing criteria for assessment of the indicator plant is important in the future work.

The visitors had an excursion to the O3 research base in Shenyang Arboretum and had a discussion with the host about the use of Open Top Chambers to simulate O3 pollution. The visit was welcomed by the leaders and workers in the arboretum.