Lecture series 2017 sponsored by the Key Lab of Forest Ecology and Management, CAS

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In the morning of 2 July, 2017, invited by the lab and research group of Ecological Stoichiometry, Prof Stephan Hättenschwiler gave lecture entitled as Community and Ecosystem Responses to Rising CO2 and Temperature at the Alpine Treeline in IAE. This was the 5th of Lecture series 2017, sponsored by the key lab. Prof Stephan Hättenschwiler came from French Center for Scientific Research. He has been engaged in the research on forest litter decomposition and functional ecology.

Especially, he did successful work on the effect of decreased  biodiversity on the decomposition of plant litter and related controlling factors. Recent years, he published his work on Nature, PNAS, Trends in Ecology and Evolution and Annual Review of Ecology.

On 3 and 5 July, Prof Stephan Hättenschwiler visited Qingyuan Forest Ecosystem Research Station and Huitong Forest Ecology Experiment Station and had discussions with the workers in the stations and reached agreement on the cooperation in the cross-scale research on fine root decomposition in both temperate and sub-tropical zones, the plots are in the 2 stations. The agreement set foundations for the coming research on the experiment of fine root decomposition on different scales.