Forum of Frontier of Environment Science and Engineering Held

Release Time:2017-07-26 Big Small

On 27 June, 2017, the 22d Forum on Frontier of Environment Science and Engineering, co-sponsored by Research Center of Pollution Ecology and Environment engineering of IAE, Key Lab of Pollution Science and Environment Engineering of CAS and Graduate Student Department of IAE was held in IAE.

On the forum, Prof Daniel Schlenk from California University, Riverside, the Associate Chief Editor of EST, Committee member of SETAC (Society of Environment Toxicology and Chemistry) Journals gave seminars entitled respectively as Impacts of Oil on MicroRNA and mRNA Expression in Marine Embryonic and Larval Fish: Relationships to Morphological and Behavioral EffectHow to Publish a Scientific Paper in Environmental Science and Technology. Prof Daniel illustrated in detail in the responses of MicroRNA and mRNA in the process of development of Marine Embryonic and Larval Fish to oil pollution and the advantage as a sensitive biomarker. Then, he analyzed the similarity and differences of EST and EST Letters, gave suggestions in writing and submitting papers.

Prof ZHUANG Jie, Prof XIE Lingtian and Prof ZHAO Qing and Prof WANG Shaofeng and research workers and graduate studentsattended the forum .

After the reports, the attendees warmly discussed the feasibility, advantage and disadvantage of MicroRNA and mRNAS as pollution biomarker and the effect of global climate changes on the adaptations of living things. Prof XIE Lingtian summarized the session, expressed appreciations to Prof Daniel’s reports. The report is especially beneficial to the graduate student participants.