Prof. Kenji Tamura Visited Erguna Research Station for Cooperative Research

Release Time:2017-08-22 Big Small

On 24-30 July, 2017, accompanied by Prof. Wurina in Dalian Minzu University, Prof. Kenji Tamura from University of Tsukuba, Japan visited Erguna Research Station.
Prof Kenji Tamura collected soil samples from the soil profile on the grassland experiment plot and exchanged scientific ideas with the honorary station director, Prof. HAN Xingguo, the station director, Prof. WANG Zhengwen and Prof. JIANG Yong. Furthermore, they discussed the contents of dissertations of two master students and planed research cooperation in the near future, established tasks and responsible persons in the cooperative writing of textbook for grassland pedology of China.
Prof. Kenji Tamura gave a field trip in forest, wetland, cropland ecosystems and forest-grassland transitional zone. He was deeply expressed by the diverse ecosystem types near the station and highly evaluated the special geographical advantage of the station and predicted that the station will become an important platform for ecological theoretical research and related experiment. He expressed wish to develop more cooperative research on grassland soil ecology with scientists in the station.