Visitation of Dr XU Xiaofeng, Director of Laboratory of Ecological

Release Time:2017-09-18 Big Small

Invited by Key Lab of Forest Ecology and Management CAS and the research Group of Stable Isotope Ecology IAE, Dr XU Xiaofeng visited IAE and gave presentation entitled as Integrating Multi-Source Datasets with Models to Understand Terrestrial Biogeochemistry in a Changing Environment on 18 August, 2017.

In the presentation, Dr XU introduced his experience and background for his research work in ecological modeling, explained the differences among theoretical model, experience model and process model, their development and application.

The seminar was conducted by the vice director of the key lab, Prof FANG Yunting. Prof HAO Zhanqing,the director of the key lab, Prof BAI E, Prof WANG Xugao and Prof LV Xiaotao and related research workers presented.

On 19 August, accompanied by Prof FANG Yunting and assistant scientist YUAN Fenghui, Dr XU inspected Qingyuan Forest Ecology Research Station, visited the being constructed plot for testing warming effect and gave valuable suggestions.

The visitation activities constructed foundations for the cooperation of the two sides in the future.