Visitation of Prof Hilary J Rogers from Cardiff University UK

Release Time:2017-09-18 Big Small

On 21 July, 2017, the 3d session of Forum: Frontier of Environmental  Sciences and Engineering that co-sponsored by Research Center of Pollution Ecology and Environmental Engineering, Key Lab of Pollution Ecology and Environmental Engineering, Graduated School IAE and Youth Innovation Promoting Association CAS was finished perfectly. On the forum, Prof Hilary J Rogers from School of Bio Science, Cardiff University gave presentation entitled as Environmental Effects on Plant Development and Senescence. In the presentation, he introduced various LEA Proteins in Arabidopsis, their properties and responses to environmental stresses such as salt, active oxygen, low temperature and heavy metals. Prof Rogers investigated Cis - acting elements in the region of Arabidopsis SAG 21 gene promoter, constructed a series of transcription factor library, screened the transcriptional factors related to the mentioned stresses. Then, he introduced the differential expression of transcriptional factors in leaf or flower cells of some plant species and spectrum and hyper-spectral images of VOCs under developmental or post-harvest senescence or environmental stresses.

Prof TAI Peidong, Prof XIONG Xianzhe, Prof LIU Rui, Prof LIU Wan, Associate Prof LI Xiaojun, Senior Engineer XU Huaxia, Dr ZENG Xiangfeng from IAE, Associate Prof from Ho’s School of Ophthalmology and graduated students from IAE and Shenyang Agricultural University listened the presentation.

After the presentation, warm discussions were developed. Dr ZENG Xiangfeng, on behalf of the attendants, expressed thanks to the reporter and summarized the discussions.